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Photo: © MGKKE, Hungary.                   Photo: © SPP – Slovenský plynárenský priemysel, a.s.

projects are paving the way towards        operational as of December 2019.          EU-funded CNG Clean Fuel Box project
a wide-scale development of LNG            In its sense, the project will            will be implemented in Hungary on
and CNG infrastructure for the             contribute to the decarbonisation         three Core Network Corridors and will
transport sector. Slovenský plynárenský    of public transport, making it more       introduce a Clean Fuel Box – a LCNG
priemysel or simply SPP is a major         ecologic, hence mitigating the            self-service, compact compressor
energy supplier in Slovakia that aims      negative impact of transport on           and refuelling station able to refill
for a highly determined deployment         the environment.                          CNG vehicles independently of the
summing up 14 L2CNG stations along                                                   gas distribution network. In order to
the TEN-T core corridors on D1 and         Hungary is also progressing               reach a real-life trial by the end of
D2 highways, 3 large LNG stations,         rapidly in ensuring new LNG/CNG           2018, a network of 39 stations will be
a small-scale LNG liquefaction plant,      infrastructure for both road and          built together with the purchase of
a fleet of more than 50 LNG-fuelled         waterborne transport. With the help       LNG feeder and natural gas vehicles.
vehicles, a fueLCNG virtual pipeline       of EU funds PAN-LNG project will          For more details, please refer to the
with truck-to-ship and truck-to-truck      implement by the beginning of 2018        following website:
filling. The construction of the first       the first five road LCNG (Liquefied
LNG liquefaction plant in Slovakia         and Compressed Natural Gas) vehicle       For Romania two important LNG
creates a local LNG source, hence sets     filling stations in Hungary. The five       related projects are planned for
up the prerequisites for supplying all     stations will be located along the        the cities of Constanta and Galati,
transport segments including LNG           Hungarian core transport corridors.       comprising of small-scale LNG
river vessels. Pilot testing is scheduled  PAN-LNG-4-Danube project will             terminals with bunker station for
for 2019, while the full use of the new    deploy by the end of 2019 a fixed LNG      maritime and inland vessels deployed
infrastructure is expected by the end      refuelling station at Csepel-Freeport in  in the area of the ports as well as
of 2020.                                   the southern part of Budapest, which      LNG fuelling stations & LNG-fuelled
                                           is part of the inland waterway Core       busses and trucks for the cities.
Slovak business association Danube         Network Corridor Rhine-Danube.            Pre-feasibility studies have already
LNG together with the public bus           This station will serve not only LNG      been concluded where possible
provider SAD Zvolen will supply            propelled vessels, but also LNG trucks    locations and technical solutions have
as part of the EU-funded project           and possibly trains as well. Details on   been investigated. Deployments are
LNGAFT 15 LNG-fuelled busses to the        the PAN-LNG project may be found          expected before 2025 in line with the
city of Zvolen. The project foresees       at: More information       timeline of the Directive 2014/94/EU
also the deployment of one LNG             about the PAN-LNG-4-Danube can be         on the deployment of alternative fuels
fuelling station which shall become        found here.                               infrastructure. ●

More information is available on the websites of RAG & Port of Enns as follows:

More information about Danube LNG and SAD Zvolen may be found at:
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