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38  Autumn 2017 European Energy Innovation


Motorways of the Sea and

Connecting Europe Facility:

towards greener ports and

shipping industry

By Brian Simpson (pictured), European Coordinator for Motorways of the Sea.

Ports are vital for EU trade;              part of the maritime dimension of the     ports’ infrastructure as well as various
             they are important transport  Trans-European Transport Network. It      initiatives from the industry both at
             nodes, vital for short sea    aims at supporting green, viable and      shore and sea side.
             shipping in Europe and        efficient sea-based transport links that
 critical for ensuring the territorial     are well integrated in the entire EU      MoS are an integral part of the EU’s
 cohesion of the EU.                       transport chain.                          TEN-T policy and it intends to connect
                                                                                     better with the prioritised transport
 Ports are also industrial clusters that   The policy is supported by the            corridors in the EU (Core Network
 generate growth and jobs and play a       Connecting Europe Facility (CEF),         Corridors).
 key role to promote sustainability and    a financial instrument that enables
 a smooth energy transition.               to co-finance from the EU budget          My work programme – Detailed
                                           projects focused on short sea shipping    Implementation Plan for Motorways
 Motorways of the Sea (MoS) policy is      in Europe, related investments in         of the Sea, identifies three key
                                                                                     development priorities:

                                                                                     1. Environment

                                                                                     2. Integration of maritime transport in
                                                                                         the logistics chains

                                                                                     3. Safety, Traffic Management and
                                                                                         human element.

                                                                                     The work programme provides a set
                                                                                     of recommendations on the profile
                                                                                     of MoS projects financed from the
                                                                                     Connecting Europe Facility.

                                                                                     As this autumn edition of the magazine
                                                                                     is devoted to green ports and
                                                                                     actions necessary to further reduce
                                                                                     carbon emissions I would like to
                                                                                     particularly focus on my first pillar: the

                                                                                     The introduction of stricter emissions
                                                                                     standards in general and the Sulphur
                                                                                     Emission Control Areas (SECA) in
                                                                                     particular, produced an immediate
                                                                                     need for new ship technologies,

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