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Autumn 2017 European Energy Innovation     39

                                            MOTORWAYS OF THE SEA

operational processes, new ports’         projects covered areas such as pilot       the only methanol powered ferry
infrastructure and in general a need for  testing of electric vessels, installation  operating in Europe.
new tools for financing environmental     of on shore supply systems, waste
upgrades.                                 water reception facilities, sludge port    Lastly, The ZERO EMISSIONS
                                          facilities, SECA compliance monitoring.    FERRIES project test the electricity
MoS supported by the CEF funding                                                     in two passenger vessels, including
co-finances projects that are helping     How can these funding be illustrated       installation of an on-shore power
the industry to comply with applicable    by concrete projects?                      supply with the aim to prove that
EU+IMO legislation and favours                                                       maritime transportation without
projects related to:                      I have in mind three, which I think are    emissions is feasible. The results are
                                          a good illustration of cooperation         expected to build up experience for a
• Air quality and SECA (Sulphur           between ports authorities, ship            larger scale deployment of this type of
    Emission Control Area) benchmarks.    owners, private and public investors.      vessels in the future.
                                          All focus on environmental solutions
• Support further development of          that reduce emissions and make             Motorways of the Sea will continue to
    LNG or other alternative fuels.       maritime operations cleaner and            contribute to innovative projects in
                                          greener.                                   the field of environmentally friendly
• Continue to look into ways of                                                      shipping and green port infrastructure
    lowering LNG storage and logistics    The BLUE BALTICS project involves          helping the industry to comply with
    costs.                                partners from Lithuania, Estonia,          upcoming global sulphur restrictions
                                          Germany and Sweden. The project            and the entry into force of NECA limits
• Tackle operational pollutions           will deploy and upgrade the existing       in the Baltic and North Sea. l
                                          LNG infrastructure (refuelling stations
So far CEF invested in MoS policy,        and LNG small scale terminal with
all together, € 390 million, which        the aim to develop a network of LNG
contributed to 46 projects all over       bunkering facilities in the Baltic Sea
European ports and triggered              that would consolidate the use of LNG
investments of more than € 1 billion.     as marine fuel.

€ 204 million was allocated to 27         Another example that facilitates the       Contact details:
projects that are directly related        deployment of alternative fuels is a       Brian Simpson
to environment. Projects support          project called “Methanol: the marine       The European Coordinator for
various investments both in ports         fuel of the future”.                       Motorways of the Sea
and operating vessels aimed at LNG                                                   Email:
propulsion installations, exhaust gas     The project tested the performance
cleaning systems (to comply with          of methanol as a marine fuel by
SECA), number of projects in the          retrofitting RO-PAX vessel Stena
Mediterranean to comply with the          Germanica to run on methanol and
requirements of the Directive on          build dedicated bunkering facilities.
Alternative Fuel Infrastructure. Other    To this day, the Stena Germanica is
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