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The targeted users in the maritime
sector currently have no experience
with these kind of capture units
and would therefore require a
demonstration plant to understand
the implications on ship operation,
economic impact and scale.

The development and

demonstration of a CO2-capture and
storage unit for ships will achieve:

• A high (energy-) efficiency of the
    unit on board

• A compact, economically feasible
    carbon capture unit

• An efficient and economically              Impression of the concept design with the capture equipment located in
                                             the engine casing and funnel for a short sea vessel. Visible are the main
    feasible storage (cryogenic,             components of the system, without piping.

    pressurized) of liquefied CO2 on
    board of a ship

• Optimised integration with available
    excess heat and cold on board of a ship

• An adequate and well organised distribution chain for

    liquid CO2 covering the storage on board of a ship, off-
    loading in a port or terminal and further distribution to

    end users

• Identification of alternative applications for liquid CO2    1)
    originating from the maritime sector                       AirPollution/Documents/Third%20Greenhouse%20Gas%20Study/GHG3%20
The groundwork for this project is currently being laid          More information about this innovation project:
in a parallel initiative, the Maritime Carbon Capture &
Storage networking project, funded by the INTERREG               MARIKO: Katja Baumann, Managing Director,
V-A Program Deutschland-Nederland. Partners in this              MARIKO GmbH
project are MARIKO GmbH, FME, ZEMprojects and TNO.               Email:
A targeted outcome will be a technology roadmap and              Phone: +49 491 926 1117
the establishment of a SME network concentrated on CO2
capture in inland waterways and shortsea shipping. This          FME: Leo van der Burg, Business Development Manager,
will lay the groundwork for future cross-border initiatives      FME Regio Noord
leading to the development, testing and demonstration of         Email:
innovative CO2 capture and storage technologies for the          Phone: +31 650 66 27 45
maritime sector. l
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