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Autumn 2016 European Energy Innovation                                                         15


potential impacts of climate change      Approximate percentage of energy-related traffic in the port by volume
such as sea level rise and extreme       (e.g. crude oil, refined petroleum products, coke and coal, LNG, etc.)
weather conditions.
                                                                                                l 25% Less than 10%
ESPO has a long tradition as initiator                                                          l 30% 10% – 30%
of bottom up initiatives, which are                                                             l 20% 30% – 50%
driving the port sector towards better                                                          l 25% More than 50%
performance, be it in the field of
environment, societal integration or                                                            25% OF PORTS HAVE
passenger issues. We hope we can play                                                           MORE THAN 50% OF THEIR
a role in strengthening knowledge and                                                           TRAFFIC LINKED TO ENERGY
building further capacity on mitigating                                                         COMMODITIES
and adapting to climate change.

Besides, we are not starting from        Energy sources for energy production in ports
scratch. The ESPO Green Guide of
2012 already has a section dedicated                                                            n 38% Wind
to energy consumption and climate                                                               n 31% Oil/petroleum
change that calls for concrete action                                                           n 31% Coke and Coal
and highlights the best practice                                                                n 31% Solar
examples of European ports.                                                                     n 29% Natural gas/LNG
                                                                                                n 26% Biomass
Moreover, more than 25 European                                                                 n 24% Waste incinerator
ports nowadays provide incentives                                                               n 2% Wave
to greener vessels on the basis of                                                              n 2% Nuclear
the Environmental Ship Index (ESI)                                                              n 5% Other
tool. ESI has been developed by the
World Ports Climate Initiative (WPCI)                                                           PRODUCTION OF
under the umbrella of the International                                                         RENEWABLE ENERGY IN
Association of Ports and Harbours                                                               PORTS IS INCREASING
(IAPH) and recently celebrated its 5th
year anniversary. ESPO fully supports    Role of port authority in the production of renewable energy
since the beginning all the tools of
WPCI and encourages its member                                                                  n 41% Provider of land
ports to get involved.                                                                          n 38% Initiator/facilitator
                                                                                                n 16% Logistics support
We hope that through the Navigating                                                             n 16% Investor/co-investor
a Changing Climate Action plan,                                                                 n 13% Operator of the
developed by PIANC and the Think                                                                n 13% facilities
Climate partners, we can further                                                                n 5% Other roles
encourage our ports to set Climate
Change on their agenda and for those                                                            38% OF PORT AUTHORITIES
who are frontrunner to share their                                                              ARE FACILITATORS OF
knowledge and experience with others.                                                           RENEWABLE ENERGY
                                                                                                PRODUCTION IN THE PORT
We are certainly looking forward to the
first Think Climate conference taking
place on 27 and 28 March in Brussels. l

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