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10  Autumn 2016 European Energy Innovation


    Non-Road Mobile
    Machinery Regulation

    Industry and Environmental needs going hand-in-hand

    By Lamia-Kerdjoudj Belkaid, Secretary General, FEPORT

On 5th July 2016, the                   limits and type-approval for internal    in most port vehicles such as reach
                  European Parliament   combustion engines for non-road          stackers and straddle carriers. FEPORT’s
                  adopted the proposed  mobile machinery. The regulation         objective was to ensure that the final
                  regulation of the     covers emission limits from a large      text led to the sustainable greening of
European Parliament and the Council     variety of combustion engines installed  all non-road mobile machinery engines.
on requirements relating to emission    in machines, including those installed
                                                                                 When one examines the circumstances
                                                                                 surrounding the regulation, it is
                                                                                 interesting to note that the regulation
                                                                                 received a huge mandate from both
                                                                                 the European Parliament (623 votes
                                                                                 in favour out of a possible 707)
                                                                                 and civil society (almost all users,
                                                                                 engine suppliers and environmental
                                                                                 organisations supported the adoption
                                                                                 of the regulation). This is quite an
                                                                                 achievement given that this is a
                                                                                 regulation that will regulate the criteria
                                                                                 for most engines placed on EU markets
                                                                                 for the foreseeable future.

                                                                                 A lot of credit must go to the
                                                                                 rapporteur, Ms. Elisabetta Gardini,
                                                                                 and the shadow rapporteurs, for
                                                                                 their willingness to engage in open
                                                                                 dialogue with all stakeholders.
                                                                                 Environmental organisations had
                                                                                 justifiable concerns about setting
                                                                                 engine emission standards that ensure
                                                                                 Europe is fulfilling its environmental
                                                                                 commitments, whereas industry
                                                                                 actors had practical issues regarding
                                                                                 the operational and financial viability
                                                                                 of some elements. The work of the
                                                                                 rapporteur proved that the notion
                                                                                 that environmental needs and the
                                                                                 competitiveness of EU industries
                                                                                 cannot go hand-in-hand is a myth and,
                                                                                 for this, the work of the Ms. Gardini and

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