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16  Autumn 2016 European Energy Innovation


High Performance Green Port

The global main objective
            of the EU-project „High
            Performance Green Port
            Giurgiu“ (TEN-T financial
assistance by the European Union) is
to transform the port of Giurgiu into
the first efficient green port on the
Danube that plays the role of a leading
high-performance tri-modal logistics
hub in the area. The first project
included the analysis of the current
situation in Giurgiu port (technical
and operational analysis, market
analysis and environmental analysis),
the development of concepts for
innovative technology at the port and
the design of the new green port in
Giurgiu. This project ended in August

The next step is the work. A follow-      A groundbreaking ceremony with            Cities arrived on the site of the logistics
up project has been funded in the         the official unveiling of the project     center in Giurgiu. Planned completion
framework of the 1st CEF-call by the      billboard took place in Giurgiu in        is in 2018.
European Union with 85 %. Through         summer 2016. At the invitation of the 3
cooperation between one private           project partners many representatives     The effects of this project will positively
company (ILR Logistica Romania)           of public institutions, such as Romanian  influence the macro-economic,
and two public companies (Giurgiu         Ministry Of Transport, Romanian           environmental and social aspects in the
Municipality and S.C. Administratia       Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, European     Giurgiu-Bucharest-Russe region in the
Zonei Libere Giurgiu) is this EU-         Parliament and Council of Danube          next years. l
project a flagship project in Danube
port development and a best practice      For more information about the project, please visit the following website:
for a brownfield rehabilitation.
The construction phase started in
September 2015. The main activity
will be the construction of a tri-modal
logistics center with fully covered ship
berth, in which trucks, wagons and
ships can be loaded and unloaded
independent of the weather. Further
activities include the establishment of
a railway connection, the rehabilitation
of the access roads inside the port, the
rehabilitation of the existing quay and
various environmental measures. The
overall project budget is about 15,5
million euros.

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