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Winter 2016 European Energy Innovation     49


work in Danish waters. Therefore, it       Group) are regular guests at the port      Northwester2) have chosen to establish
is of outmost importance that the          of Oostende, and on the 28th of April,     their headquarters in the port of
offshore components are prepared in        Queen Mathilde will rebaptize the Vidar    Oostende, overlooking a permanent
a specialized service port before they     (Jan De Nul Group) .The port works         monitoring of their sea parks.
are mounted at sea. The idea that a        hard to improve the nautical access,
wind park can be built with a computer     and improve the swing-circle as well as    The operations & maintenance of
program somewhere from an office in        straightening the quay walls.              the wind parks are vital to keep the
Barcelona, linked with an accountancy                                                 wind mills operating with optimal
spreadsheet , is a mere illusion. The      For the management of the offshore         efficiency. Several service companies
efficient and cost effective handling      wind parks, the electricity production     have set up their offices at the port
of the offshore components is a key        at sea needs to be monitored in            in order to oversee the maintenance,
task for the management of the port        function of the supply to the grid for an  and more companies have asked to
and of REBO : together with the client     efficient price-setting, and increasing    open a representation in the Oostende
they investigate the different options     the profitability of the investments.      offshore village. Considering the
to organize the operations within          As to the technical aspects, it means      permanent growth of the cluster, the
the port. The construction and the         that the wind park managers have           port management has developed a
transport at sea of the 6 gravity-based    a daily interaction with the different     sustainable master plan to install the
foundations, with an average weight of     subcontractors, service providers          different enterprises on site, for reasons
2700 tons each is still a landmark within  and turbine manufacturers. Wind            of safety, security and sustainability.
the history of the port. Installations     park owners/developers C-Power,            The implementation of this process is a
vessels like the Bold Tern (Fred Olsen)    Otary (Rentel, Seastar, and Mermaid)       daily and ongoing business operation.
the Innovation and Neptune (Deme           and Parkwind (Rental, Seastar and          At present, the management is
                                                                                      investigating the economic opportunity
                                                                                      of installing a prototype Xant (mid-
                                                                                      seize/100kw) wind mill in to provide the
                                                                                      site with electricity.

                                                                                      In the Oostende offshore village,
                                                                                      the turbine manufacturers, Senvion,
                                                                                      Vestas and Alstom have their offices,
                                                                                      warehouses and workshops in order
                                                                                      to be able to intervene in case of
                                                                                      emergency maintenance. The port
                                                                                      has refurbished several buildings
                                                                                      next to the REBO terminal and built
                                                                                      new premises. A wide range of
                                                                                      subcontractor services have found their
                                                                                      way to the port of Oostende, from IT
                                                                                      to training: enterprises like e-Bo, CMI,
                                                                                      Multitech, G4S, CG, Buijsse and Falck
                                                                                      Safety services have found their place
                                                                                      in the Belgian offshore world.

                                                                                      And there are no activities of
                                                                                      operations & maintenance without crew
                                                                                      transfer vessels. More than 3500 calls
                                                                                      per year are registered by the Ensor-
                                                                                      system. A lot of shipping-companies,
                                                                                      operating these kinds of vessels are
                                                                                      active at the port. Companies like
                                                                                      Windcat, Nordfjord, Sima Charters, Sea
                                                                                      Contractors, MPI, MCS, Stemat, Turbine
                                                                                      Transfers,e.o. operate sailings between
                                                                                      the Belgian wind parks and the port
                                                                                      of Oostende. Most of the shipping-
                                                                                      companies have their headquarters in
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