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Winter 2016 European Energy Innovation    25

                                                BUILDING EFFICIENCY

•	 Stimulate, in frame of Energy Union,
    a stronger growth of European
    market for LCE technologies …
    Otherwise the Europe-based
    sector of advanced materials will
    not develop local manufacturing
    presence if growing markets are
    outside Europe

•	 Focus innovation support on fewer
    priorities in line with business
    realities so that industry can
    develop competitive innovation-
    driven products … Otherwise
    manufacturing could still happen
    in Europe but based on innovation
    from elsewhere

•	 Create a business-friendly             Innovation Pillar. Among the 10           •	 Energy efficient highly glazed high
    environment so that manufacturing     actions listed in the Integrated SET          rise facade systems
    in Europe comes at a benefit …        Plan Communication to accelerate
    Otherwise the European markets        energy system transformation,             If EU implements policies driving
    could become steadily served from     Action 5 “Develop new materials and       innovation, manufacturing and market
    outside                               technologies for energy efficiency        development of LCE technologies, the
                                          solutions for buildings” is well covered  Europe-based industry of advanced
Regarding innovation EMIRI calls          in EMERIT by focusing on Advanced         materials can develop strong business
for an Innovation Pillar based on         Materials used over 5 technologies.       positions. European society will benefit
collaboration between public and                                                    from presence of a competitive industry
private, aligned with 10 actions of       •	 Transparent conductive coatings        safeguarding investments, generating
Integrated SET (Strategic Energy                                                    growth and employment, and creating
Technologies) Plan and industry           •	 Smart windows and switchable           strong innovation ecosystems. By 2025,
orientations. Covering advanced               glazing                               annual revenues of the sector could
materials for energy performance in                                                 reach past 40 billion euro, generating
buildings, for competitive renewable      •	 Building-integrated photovoltaics      an additional 300.000 jobs (65.000
energy, for energy system integration                                               direct jobs including 3.000 in R&D) and
and for decarbonization, the pillar will  •	 Electrochemical (batteries) and        leading to an additional cumulated
bridge the gap between laboratory             thermal energy storage                investment of 15 billion euro. l
and market, reduce innovation risks
and accelerate innovation to reach
better and faster the market for LCE

Over 2015, EMIRI worked in close          EMIRI represents more than 60 organizations (industry, research, associations)
collaboration with European               active in Advanced Materials for low carbon energy technologies. The
Commission Directorate General            association contributes to industrial leadership of developers and producers of
Research & Innovation to create the       Advanced Materials by shaping an appropriate innovation, manufacturing and
EMERIT Industry-Driven Initiative         energy policy framework at European level. In frame of Horizon 2020, EMIRI
(EMERIT stands for “Energy Materials      collaborates with European Commission to develop the Innovation Pillar on
for Europe – Research & Industry          Advanced Materials for low carbon energy proposed in the EMERIT Industry-
innovating Together”) which lays          Driven Initiative. More information at
the foundations & priorities of the
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