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20  Winter 2016 European Energy Innovation


Safeguarding energy security
in South-East Europe with investment in
demand-side infrastructure

By Cosmina Marian, Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE)

Arecent analysis of                         could, within 20 years, address all      Supply Regulation aims to ensure
               the building stock’s         gas-using buildings in the region        deliveries of gas to protected
               vulnerability to gas-supply  and reduce the building stock gas        customers (i.e. residential buildings),
               disruptions concludes        consumption by as much as 8.2 bcm/a,     its rate of success in a real crisis is yet
that Central and South East European        or 70% of the current consumption.       to be determined. Doubts were cast on
(SEE) countries are confronted with a
strategic choice. Indeed, in the case of    This solution can prove to be very
disruption, Slovakia and Hungary face       effective as the building stock in SEE
a severe risk, Bulgaria a substantial       countries consumes 38% of the gas
one, to be unable to heat their national    imports.
building stocks.
                                            Unlike supply-side solutions (like
A newly developed Building stock            investing in gas infrastructure), which
Vulnerability Indicator (BVI) assesses      make the region more dependent
the susceptibility of the building sector   on imported gas in the long term,
to gas-supply interruptions. The BVI        demand-side solutions (such as the
takes into account the importance of        electrification of the district heating
gas use in the building sector, along       network with heat pumps, or the
with the dependence on imported             energy efficiency in buildings achieved
gas and its routes. Based on this           through deep renovations) also bring
assessment, seven countries in the SEE      a raft of other benefits – creating
region are facing significant risk.         employment, boosting economic
                                            growth, cutting fuel poverty and
An “efficiency first” approach presents     improving the region’s often very poor
itself as a good solution to counter the    air quality.
heavy focus put on gas infrastructure.
A dedicated renovation programme            While the current Security of Gas

BVI results and corresponding map: Considering this vulnerability, SEE States need
to mitigate the pressure by considering viable alternatives.

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