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Winter 2016 European Energy Innovation  21

                                                         ENERGY SECURITY

its effectiveness when the gas supplies      should not be a ‘safety net’ but a    One of the most ambitious scenarios
from Russia to Ukraine were cut off          Plan A.                               taken into account in BPIE’s analysis
in 2015. Some consumers – such as                                                  - ‘energy security’ - proved to
business and public-sector buildings –       MAKING THE ECONOMIC CASE              dramatically reduce the vulnerability
are not covered by the regulation and        The potential impacts can be          to gas-supply interruptions. All
thus at risk not to be able to fulfil their  presumed by modelling four scenarios  buildings currently using gas could be
energy needs in case of a disruption.        that examine the evolution of a       renovated within 20 years, cutting gas
                                             dedicated renovation programme        consumption by 70%, or over
Thus, a sound renovation programme           focused on gas-consuming buildings.   8 bcm/a1. Even in the event of a
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