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Winter 2016 European Energy Innovation    27

                                                    STRUCTURAL GLASS

on-going development of innovative
high performance structural glass
products mainly in architectural and
solar applications, and to European
standards in this field.

The Action identified and shared the
outcomes of existing fragmented
activities within the European research
community. Additionally, the Action
established a diverse multi-disciplinary
network that encourages new research
and collaborations across academics,
practitioners, and industry. Finally, the
Action strengthened the current and
future generations of European glass
designers by developing a structural
glass Education Pack for university
curricula across Europe.

RESULTS                                    guidance of about 15 renowned             The Action successfully organized
Since its start in April 2010, more than   experts from all over Europe. With an     two international conferences (Porec,
110 participants from 25 countries         extraordinary high participant-number     2013 and Lausanne, 2014) to further
joined the Action, which established       of about 150 early stage researchers      disseminate the Action results.
a strong academic and professional         from 20 different countries and a high    Accordingly, high-quality proceedings
network. The participants have worked      appreciation from the participants, the   were published with an established
in 4 working groups to detect links        training schools were considered a        scientific publisher. In addition, the
between existing research projects         great success.                            Action triggered the launch of a brand
and to identify demands for new                                                      new scientific journal ‘Glass Structures
research. In addition, 13 smaller          Furthermore, the Action has facilitated   & Engineering’ (Springer Nature),
specialized Task Groups were created       an amazing number of over 40              which aims to be the leading reference
to efficiently work on defined tasks and   successful short term scientific          in the field and which therefor is of
to develop an Education Pack to help       missions (STSM), allowing unique on-      vital importance for the scientific
educating students and researchers in      demand mobility and cooperation for       community.
this field.                                a great number of young researchers.
                                           STSM’s proved to be one of the            Finally, the creation of a new Eurocode
A major tool in the development of the     most powerful tools of the Action, in     on Structural Glass in CEN TC250
Education Pack was the organization        particular for ESR, and a great stimulus  WG3 (currently replace by CEN TC250
of two Early Stage Researcher Training     for common international research         SC11) was heavily supported by COST
Schools on Structural Glass (Ghent         applications and publications.            Action TU0905. l
University, 2012 and TU Darmstadt,
2013). During 5 days, early stage          Major publications
researchers (ESR) were educated by
means of presentations, workshops          Belis J., Louter C., Mocibob D. (eds.). COST Action TU0905 Mid-term
and company visits under the               Conference on Structural Glass. Leiden:CRC Press/Balkema, 584 p. ISBN 978-
  “COST (European Cooperation in
  Science and Technology) is a funding     Louter C., Bos F., Belis J., Lebet J.P. (eds.). Challenging Glass 4 & COST TU0905
  agency for research and innovation       Final Conference. Leiden:CRC Press/Balkema, 852 p. ISBN 978-1-138-00164-0
  networks. Our Actions help connect
  research initiatives across Europe       Belis J., Louter C. Nielsen J., Overend M., Schneider J. Glass Structures
  and enable scientists to grow their      & Engineering, Springer
  ideas by sharing them with their         civil+engineering/journal/40940 ISSN 2363-5142
  peers. This boosts their research,
  career and innovation.”                  M. Feldmann et al., Guidance for European Structural Design of Glass
                                           Components, JRC Scientific and policy reports, S. Dimove et al. (eds.), Ispra, 2014.
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