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26  Winter 2016 European Energy Innovation


COST Action TU0905 Structural Glass
– Novel design methods and next
generation products – A success story

By Jan Belis, Ghent University, Chair of COST Action TU0905

INTRODUCTION                              safety, robustness, and durability.       glass is currently not incorporated in
Structural glass is a young and                                                     European design codes, which makes
challenging domain, which is gaining      However, in spite of Europe’s             its application even more challenging.
importance in building practice at        pole position in research and new
fast pace. The use of glass in the built  developments in this field, the           COST ACTION TU0905
environment is evolving rapidly from      scientific research in this domain        “STRUCTURAL GLASS – NOVEL
traditional small windows to large area   was rather fragmented and research        DESIGN METHODS AND NEXT
structural glass and novel solar energy   projects were often running               GENERATION PRODUCTS”
products. These novel applications        independently mainly in national          The European “Cooperation in Science
impose new and increasingly onerous       or regional research programs.            and Technology” programme (COST)
performance requirements on glass,        Furthermore, Structural Glass is usually  offers a competitive, bottom-up
which are far beyond excellent            not yet incorporated in academic          funding opportunity for promising
building physical performance             engineering and architectural             research networks in all fields of
only. Indeed, load-bearing building       engineering education although            science and technology. Its projects
components such as beams, columns,        knowledge transfer is required on both    are known as “COST Actions”. The main
passable floors and shear walls require   an educational level and a professional   objectives of this COST Action were to
resistance, component and system          level. Moreover, the structural use of    provide a strong contribution to the

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