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18  Winter 2016 European Energy Innovation


Innovative solutions for the
energy efficiency in industries

Resource efficiency, and especially energy efficiency,
              is a key driver to a smart and sustainable growth,
              while promoting a more efficient and competitive
              economy based on knowledge and innovation

 In this context the Research Centre for Energy Resources
 and Consumption, CIRCE (Spain) is leading several initiatives
 within EU projects addressing the improvement of resource
 efficiency in industry.

TOP-REF: RESOURCE EFFICIENCY IN INDUSTRY BY                                        to compare the resource efficiency between different process
MONITORING                                                                         scenarios, identifying inefficiencies, supporting decision-
TOP-REF is an initiative coordinated by CIRCE in the framework                     making, and detecting poor process performance.
of the industrial association SPIRE. The project consortium
consists of industrial partners including Dow Chemical,
Ibérica (DCI), Petrogal and Fertinagro (Tervalis Group)

TOP-REF will develop and demonstrate a resource-efficiency                         NIWE: WIRELESS POWERING FOR INDUSTRIAL FURNACES
and cross-sectorial methodology, which will be validated by                        CIRCE is a worldwide leader in the development and
the development and testing of non-invasive control tools.                         application of inductive charge for electric vehicles. This
                                                                                   technology has been used in the NIWE project, coordinated
By means of this methodology, the project has shown the                            by Tecnalia, to improve the flexibility and efficiency in the
most inefficient spots (45% of the economic losses and 55%                         foundry sector.
of the energetic losses), in the ethylene cracker of DCI in
Tarragona, leading to estimated savings of 3M€ per year.                           CIRCE, has designed and constructed a 100 kW industrial
                                                                                   prototype for melting and maintaining aluminum, within the
The application of TOP-REF at the Fertinagro plant (4.000 t                        project, in order to be tested in real conditions. The WPT
of product /year) during the drying and transport process                          (Wireless Power Transfer) will transfer the power from the grid
of the granulated fertilizer would imply a reduction of gas                        to a 500 Kg furnace with no wires, allowing the mobility of the
(2-5%) and power consumption (2-3%). This could represent                          furnace /ladle, and improving production flexibility.
estimated savings of up to 200.000-250.000 € per year.
Furthermore, the savings at this plant are equivalent to                           The quick power transmission system allows the use of smaller
the CO2 emissions of 50 cars per year, or 90 houses. This                          and more flexible furnaces, improving efficiency and productivity
provides an enormous potential, since the production of                            in the plant. For example, in the aluminum sector, the energy
fertilizers in Europe, using the same process as Fertinagro’s                      waste, produced as a result of overheating the aluminum to
plant, is 40 Mt/year.                                                              maintain the temperature, is avoided. Finally, the more accurate
                                                                                   temperature control improves the aluminum quality. l
Furthermore, the project is a pioneer in the application of
exergy as a Key Resource Indicator (KRI). Exergy enables us                          Contact details:
                                                                                     Diego Magallón Jorcano, Communication Officer
1.	 COM (2012) 2020 final. A strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth    Tel: +34 976 762 957
2.	 This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh              Email:
   Programme for research, technological development and demonstration     
   under grant agreement No 604140.                                        
3.	 This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh
   Programme for research, technological development and demonstration
   under grant agreement No 296024

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