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Winter 2016 European Energy Innovation      15


target, suggesting perhaps this might     Amongst other things, the initiative on     circumscribes an enormously complex
be a primary test of the new package.     Energy Union governance introduces          energy sector. Almost inevitably, there
For, as he observed, achieving it will    a requirement for National Energy and       is disagreement over the best way
reduce our dependence on energy           Climate Plans, while the EE and RE          forward. The risk is that the ensuing
imports as well as our emissions.         Directives include new 2030 targets         debate - however healthy, however
                                          and a new bioenergy sustainability          well-intentioned - will blunt the thrust
The sheer size and scope of the Winter    policy. This has been the subject of        of the initiative. Time is clearly running
Package make it impractical to attempt    criticism for the balance struck between    short: if potential salvation of the global
an in-depth review in a single article.   support for new RE versus existing          climate lies in Energy Efficiency, then
Several analyses, examining different     fossil fuel power generation. ACER,         we need action. Not discussion, not
perspectives, have already been           perhaps predictably, has welcomed the       even legislation.
forthcoming elsewhere; but it             increase in its scope. Elsewhere, while
is worthwhile to attempt to identify      noting the urgency of global warming,       The words to the John Mason
its key themes; and perhaps discern       Professor Karl-Friedrich Lenz evaluates     Neale Christmas Carol reflect an
a central message. The package of         the new 27% RE Target. The steep            act of altruism by a King who was
new and updated legislation includes      fall in PV pricing, he observes, should     subsequently martyred. His Saint’s
a Regulation concerning the               assist efforts to accelerate the growth     Day, September 28th, is an official
governance of the Energy Union;           of RE before he concludes that the new      public holiday across many European
updates to three Directives               EU-wide target, which replaces targets      countries: our attempts to use
(Renewable Energy (RE); Energy            for individual Member States, requires      renewable biofuels might find an
Efficiency (EE); and Energy Performance   a little more good faith in everyone        extension of this modern European
of Buildings, the EPBD); and a Market     making the maximum effort. Other            metaphor in the image of a poor
Design Initiative, consisting of          commentators have been somewhat             man gathering winter fuel. But “deep
a Directive on Common Rules for the       less charitable, criticising the target as  and crisp and even”? We must work
Internal Market in Electricity and three  lacking ambition.                           harder if our children are to have a
Regulations governing Electricity                                                     chance of seeing a traditional White
Market Regulation, ACER, and Risk         And here, perhaps, lies the crux            Christmas. And much harder still if our
Preparedness.                             of the matter. The Winter Package           Grandchildren are to see one. l
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