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• Mem4win: The goal of
MEM4WIN is to introduce a novel
Integrated Glazing Unit (IG Unit)
for quadruple glazing containing
ultra-thin glass membranes for use
as frameless openable windows
for direct application in facades.
New, tempered ultra-thin glass
membranes (thickness attained so
far: 1.3 mm) are employed. Thanks
to this approach U-values of 0.3
W/m²K can be achieved, reducing
weight by more than 50% and
costs by 20%.3

These projects give some
indication of what the future
might hold for smart windows.
Certainly, virtually all windows in
the future will offer high energy


absolute minimum.

thanks to new laminate and building industry’s 2020 energy On top of that come technologies
HIƓFLHQF\WDUJHWV@ZLOOEHDFKLHYHG that will allow windows to
ƓEUHUHLQIRUFHGVWUXFWXUHVIRU through a new vacuum-insulated respond automatically to the
the glazing, and integrated glazing (VIG) solution combined needs of the building occupants.
lightweight framing for windows. with new, robust, switchable As mentioned above, only
In the long term, the windows glazing systems mounted in a once that is achieved will smart
developed in HarWin will enable GXUDEOHDQGHQHUJ\HIƓFLHQWVDVK windows truly become an integral
the creation of a new type of and frame. part of the “smart house”. Today’s
building in which the merging “intelligent” cars are perhaps the
of functionalities currently • Smartblind: The SMARTBLIND best indicator of the direction
assigned separately to windows project aims to develop an in which smart technologies are
and architectural glass will (QHUJ\(IƓFLHQW6PDUW:LQGRZ moving. They adapt to the road
surface, the lighting conditions,
multifunctional facade, adjustable WKHWUDIƓFŴRZWKHSHUVRQVLWWLQJ
according to geographic and RIDQHOHFWURFKURPLF/&ƓOPDQG
cultural needs.” in the driver’s seat, and the
DSKRWRYROWDLFƓOPERWKSULQWHG weather – to name but a few of
Apart from HarWin a number their already well-established
of other smart window projects RQWKHVDPHORQJODVWLQJŴH[LEOH functions. Based on this, it is safe
are also underway in Europe, substrate. to assume that plenty of exciting
including: new developments still lie ahead
for the “smart window”. O
• Winsmart: This goal [i.e. the
1. More information on the Aktiv-Stadthaus in Frankfurt is available on the website, including various downloads (German language only)

3. The project descriptions are taken from
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