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services network of the building A remarkable new apartment Windows have become hugely
as a whole. In today’s smart building called the “Aktiv-
houses, smart windows need to Stadthaus” was recently PRUHHQHUJ\HIƓFLHQWLQUHFHQW
“communicate”, via the building inaugurated in Frankfurt. It is an
services network, with users and example of an “active house plus”, decades, as demonstrated
other technical installations and meaning that it not only uses by the following: 40 years
devices, in order to respond ago, the Uw-value of a typical
automatically to the users’ HQHUJ\H[WUHPHO\HIƓFLHQWO\EXW single-glazed window (i.e. the
lighting, ventilation, temperature, thermal transmittance of the
sound insulation and privacy its state-of-the-art windows and entire window) was 5 W/(m²K),
needs. photovoltaics actually produce compared to less than 0.8 W/
an excess of energy that can be (m²K) for a state-of-the-art triple
stored in e.g. electric cars1. insulating glass unit today. In

Frankfurt, inaugurated in summer 2015, is
the largest energy-plus residential building in
Europe. Designed by HHS Planer + Architekten
from Kassel, Germany, it perfectly combines


(south side).
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