Page 12 - European Energy Innovation - Winter 2014
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hnical guidance on nancing the energy renovation of buildings7, published earlier in 2014, a useful
source of inspiration to inform this part of the strategy.

Table 1 presents the assessment of each renovation strategy against each of the items, together with an

12overall scoreBWbUianstIeeLrdD20oI1Nn4 EGtuhSroepEpeNaenrEcERenenGrgtYaygInEenFooFvfaIttCioonItEaNl pCoYssible points.

Table 1 - Compliance with EED Article 4 requirements


COUNTRY Overview of Identi cation Policies to Forward-looking Estimate of OVERALL level
building stock of cost- stimulate perspective expected of compliance
e ective cost- to guide energy with Article 4
approaches to e ective investment savings and
renovation renovation decisions wider bene ts

Austria 3 21 0 1 28%

Brussels Capital Region 5 53 2 2 68%

Czech Republic 3 34 4 4 72%

Denmark 2 14 0 1 32%

France 4 44 2 2 64%

Germany 4 23 2 3 56%

The Netherlands 3 03 1 3 40%

Romania 3 34 4 4 72%

Spain 4 43 4 3 72%

The UK 5 43 3 3 72%

AVERAGE 3.6 2.8 3.2 2.2 2.6 58%

Table 1- Compliance with EED Article 4 requirements

7 ciency/studies/doc/2014_guidance_energy_renovation_buildings.pdf

market to invest in the supply States (Austria, Belgium (Brussels effective deep renovations,

chain. The existing European Capital Region), Czech Republic, forward-looking perspective

building stock is in dire need of Denmark, FRreannocvea,tiGoneSrmtraatnegy,ietshoef Selectetod EgUuiCdoeunintrvieesst2m01e4n|t7decisions
support because at current rates Netherlands, Romania, Spain and and evidence-based estimate

of renovation, the full potential for the UK), selected for their climate of expected savings and wider

cost-effective improvement will not and building stock diversity. The benefits. Table 1 reflects the

be achieved before the end of the report points to their overall score of each country covered

century, if at all. shortcomings, to provide a on compliance issues. Based on

suitable framework to build up this analysis, 3 of the 10 strategies

As the situation stands now, EU confidence in this market. The are found non-compliant

countries are not on track to study finds that many strategies (Austria, Denmark and The

upgrade their building stocks and lack boldness, determination and Netherlands), 3 are only partially

it could be argued that they fail forward thinking. compliant (France, Germany and

to acknowledge the urgency of Brussels Capital Region) and 4

renovating and to recognise the While none of the strategies are acceptable, but still show

multitude of benefits this could can be considered as best potential to improve (Czech

bring. Indeed, six countries have practice, some positive aspects Republic, Romania, Spain and the

yet to publish their strategies, stand out. And to put things into UK).

more than 6 months after the perspective, this was the first

Commission’s deadline (30th exercise of this sort for MS, so it In addition to the compliance

April 2014) and for those that can also be considered as part issues with Article 4, ambition

have published strategies, of a learning process. Member levels were also considered, only

there’s an overall sense of lack of States can, indeed must, further to conclude that overall they don’t

ambition. There are also serious improve their strategies as they rise to the occasion. Furthermore,

deficiencies in terms of basic will have to be updated in 3 years. only a few strategies include a

compliance with the European comprehensive policy mix that

legislation, according to a recent The report scores countries by could support the evolution of the

study1 by BPIE. using the 5 requirements from market for building renovation.

Article 4 of the EED, namely:

Renovation strategies of selected overview of the national building But the intention behind

EU countries examines a cross stock, cost-effective approaches undertaking this study was not

section of building renovation to renovations, policies and only to critique the compliance

strategies from 10 Member measures to stimulate cost- aspects and ambition levels. The

1) BPIE, Renovation strategies of selected EU countries. A status report on compliance with Article 4 of the Energy Efficiency Directive, November 2014,
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