Page 16 - European Energy Innovation - Winter 2014
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Winter 2014 European Energy Innovation


Climate change:
local action for global results

By Lot van Hooijdonk, deputy mayor of Utrecht for transport and mobility, energy and environment and chair
of the EUROCITIES Environment Forum

As governments sustainable energy within the for achieving these goals. It
have just finished EU, as close to the consumer as is in urban areas that 80% of
the latest round of possible. Europe’s energy is consumed
negotiations on a new and around three quarters of EU
global climate deal in Lima, the Europe has just taken a step in the CO2 emissions are generated.
minds of many Europeans are right direction by committing to And while global negotiations
on energy security in Europe as a 40% reduction in greenhouse continue, cities are already acting.
much as on greenhouse gases. gases by 2030, with a target Almost 6,000 municipalities
The only realistic solution to of increasing energy efficiency have signed the Covenant of
both challenges is to reduce and the share of renewables by Mayors, committing to significant
our energy demand and source 27%. Cities are obvious partners emission reductions. Cities
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