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Falling film evaporation:
The most efficient energy optimisation
for exothermal processes

BACKGROUND the temperature of the released heat has to be removed by means
After its “old” factory was well heat was simply too low to still be of cooling towers.
past its service life, our customer useful.
decided to renew it. The plan THE SITUATION
was not to make the new In the new factory, it was decided The product of the exothermal
factory a copy/paste of the old to raise the temperature of the process enters at a temperature
factory but to incorporate new process so that the released of 110˚C and must be cooled
understanding into the process heat could be usefully applied, down to 90˚C. On the one hand,
technology. Moreover, the that heat now being used to the steam pressure in the steam
integral energy management create “vacuum steam”. Steam generator is set as high as
had to be optimised. In the old compression then produces a possible to achieve the steam
factory, extra heat was added to higher pressure and temperature condition that requires the least
the “production process” and so that the steam can be possible driving power from the
cooled off in a cooling tower incorporated in the process cycle. compressor. On the other hand,
together with the exothermal This reduces the process demand excessive steam pressure would
heat from the process. However, for external heat, and much less produce too small a temperature
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