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Winter 2014 European Energy Innovation 17


are also preparing to reduce the development of sound happen every day. City authorities
emissions through another energy and climate policies. By can provide new and improved
promising new initiative at exchanging regularly on good bicycle lanes and public transport,
global level, the Compact of city practices, we will help to but it is up to citizens to use
Mayors. This is an opportunity share effective climate solutions them. We can tell citizens about
to show the international between European cities, and building insulation, but we must
community how much we do feed local experiences into the work together with them to install
at local level. As new chair of development of an EU urban it. As the level of government
the EUROCITIES Environment agenda. closest to citizens, we must and
Forum, I would like to build we can create good, practical
on our network’s engagement Cities are important partners for solutions with citizens.
with the EU institutions. We will national governments and the EU
continue to provide them with in fighting climate change. But In cities, climate action doesn’t
examples of local climate action citizens are our key partners when just benefit the climate. Climate
on the ground, and will support it comes to making climate action action can improve citizens’
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