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46  Summer 2017 European Energy Innovation


Ignoring energy storage
was a big mistake in the past

By Brittney Becker (EASE Policy Officer) and Michela Bortolotti (EASE Communications Officer)

For many years, energy storage              goals: putting energy efficiency          treated under current regulations.
            was not considered a priority   first, achieving global leadership in     Fortunately, this issue is addressed
            for the energy system, in part  renewable energies, and providing a       in the recast Electricity Directive5[7].
            because the technologies        fair deal for consumers. The aspects      Demonstration projects for first of a
 were not yet economically viable and       of the package specifically touching      kind real-scale technologies continue
 in part because the benefits of storage    on energy storage, as well as other       to face regulatory barriers. Additionally,
 were valued less in a centralised fossil   barriers affecting the energy storage     a fair market design is lacking for
 fuel-based energy system. However,         business case, were also addressed        energy storage systems. Requirements
 as Mr Dominique Ristori, Director          by the Commission in a Staff Working      in the network codes, which in some
 General at DG Energy of the European       Document issued in February 20172[4].     cases can be onerous for energy
 Commission has admitted, “ignoring         EASE welcomes these steps to ensure       storage devices as they do not take
 energy storage was a big mistake           that EU policies catch up to the many     into account the unique attributes of
 in the past”. Today, this situation is     changes taking place as Europe            energy storage devices, also constitute
 rapidly changing due to the cost-          transitions towards a more efficient and  barriers to energy storage deployment.
 performance improvements in energy         decarbonised energy system.               The right approach would be to allow
 storage technologies and the public                                                  for electricity and grid tariffs to reflect
 policy commitment to decarbonisation,      Although the European Commission3[5]      the real cost to society. Congestion and
 leading to a significant increase in RES   and the European Parliament4[6]           availability pricing should be looked
 as a share of electricity generation.      recognise the importance of energy        at. If a market player increases the
                                            storage, the regulatory framework         stress on the system, he should bear
 To implement the goals of the Energy       at EU and Member State level has          the associated cost. On the contrary, if
 Union and to advance the energy            not yet evolved to support the cost-      a market player alleviates the system
 transition, the European Commission        efficient deployment of energy            stress he should be rewarded and not
 issued the “Clean Energy For All           storage. For instance, the lack of a      pay any network fees.
 Europeans” package in November             definition of energy storage at EU
 20161[3]. This includes several key        level leads to uncertainty about how      Besides the regulatory framework,
 pieces of legislation with three main      energy storage devices should be          energy research and innovation play

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