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50  Summer 2017 European Energy Innovation


Clean Energy Package:

District Heating to Boost

EU Energy Transition

By Dana Popp (pictured), Euroheat & Power

2016 marked the end of the                   and cooling industry, represented in       pumps) and acting as energy storage.
             process that brought the        Brussels by Euroheat & Power, firmly       Finally, utilising excess heat from
             heating sector in general, and  established its status as an enabler for   industrial sites and the services’ sector
             district heating and cooling    the energy transition. District heating    across the EU can significantly reduce
in particular, to the centre of the EU       can efficiently integrate renewable        the sector’s dependency on fossil fuels.
energy policy debate, culminating            energy sources such as biomass,
with the publication of the first ever EU    geothermal and solar thermal energy.       But this was only the beginning. At the
Heating and Cooling Strategy.                Moreover, district heating networks can    end of 2016, the European Commission
                                             help balance power networks by using       issued the so called “Clean Energy
With this occasion, our district heating     excess electricity (via large scale heat   Package”, a set of new legislative

Solar district heating collector field in Dronninglund, Denmark (Photo: Arcon Sunmark)

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