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42  Summer 2017 European Energy Innovation


                                            Hydrogen produced from excess
                                            renewable electricity can bridge the
                                            electricity system with the transport
                                            and industrial sectors and contribute to
                                            their decarbonisation.

                                            When produced from renewable
                                            sources, hydrogen provides pollution
                                            and CO2 free energy for all end-use
                                            applications. The “Power-to-Gas”
                                            concept refers to the process of
                                            converting surplus renewable energy
                                            into hydrogen gas. Combined with
                                            the greenhouse gas CO2, renewable
                                            hydrogen can be used to produce
                                            methane, which can be injected, stored
                                            and distributed in the natural gas

                                            Significant development is still needed
                                            before hydrogen can be exploited in
                                            the same way as conventional fossil
                                            fuels. The storage and distribution
                                            of hydrogen is challenging due to its
                                            low volumetric energy density. It is
                                            associated with hazards that must be
                                            properly addressed to ensure its safe
                                            distribution, storage and use.

                                            In order to come up with solutions
                                            to these challenges, JRC scientists,
                                            engineers, computer modellers and
                                            technical staff perform pre-normative
                                            research for the development and
                                            improvement of hydrogen storage,
                                            safety and detection. They are tasked
                                            with testing high pressure vehicle
                                            tanks, storage materials and hydrogen
                                            sensors to measure their safety and

                                            “The conversion of excess electricity
                                            to hydrogen can help facilitate the
                                            integration of large shares of intermittent
                                            renewable sources into energy grids.
                                            In addition to reducing the need for
                                            curtailment of renewable electricity
                                            generation, power-to-hydrogen
                                            contributes to enhanced energy security
                                            through interlinking of the energy,

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