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44                                         Summer 2017 European Energy Innovation


Protecting the future smart grid

against cyber attacks

The SEGRID (Security for Smart Electricity GRIDs) project

  To manage all changes that                                                                against misuse. The SEGRID (Security      Grid as a whole. Within the SEGRID
                              occur in the electricity grid,                                for Smart Electricity GRIDs) project,     project the work has been focused
                              it will be equipped with                                      sponsored by the European Framework       around five concrete use cases:
                              intelligent devices for sensing,                              7 research and development program,
                 monitoring, control, automation and                                        addresses the challenges that arise       1. Smart meters used for on-line
                 communications – the electricity                                           with the introduction of the Smart            reading of consumption and
                 grid evolves to a Smart Grid. The                                          Grid. Because the SEGRID consortium           technical data;
                 introduction of the Smart Grid in                                          includes scientific partners, applied
                 combination with the entrance of many                                      research organizations, manufactures      2. Load balancing renewable energy
                 new and inexperienced stakeholders                                         and DSO’s, the results are scientifically      centrally;
                 will dramatically increase the threat                                      sound but also applicable in practice in
                 surface for malicious attacks on the                                       the near future.                          3. Dynamic power management for
                 electricity supply. The cyber-attack                                                                                     smart homes, smart offices, and
                 on the Ukrainian distribution grid                                         The Smart Grid will not come into             electric vehicles;
                 in December 2015 is a prominent                                            existence overnight; it will be
                 example of what could happen and                                           composed of a mix of old, even legacy,    4. Load balancing renewable energy
                 a real-life illustration of the resulting                                  and new components. The Smart Grid            regionally (substation automation);
                                                                                            can be seen as a gradually evolving
SEGRIDimpact. Additionally, the Smart Grid will                                             system in which new functionalities are   5. Automatic reconfiguration of the
                                                                                            added to accommodate new use cases            power grid.
 Storylinecinoflolermctaatniodnp, wrohcicehssinlamrgaenayminosutanntsceosf                  with the challenge to maintain security,
                                                                                            privacy and dependability of the Smart    These five use cases reflect important
                 will be related to the privacy of                                                                                    steps in the developments of the Smart
                 customers and must be protected                                                                                      Grid, and will cover the most relevant
                                                                                                                                      security and privacy issues that will
                 Figure 1: SEGRID use cases                                                                                           arise. The use cases are of increasing
                                                                                                                                      complexity and automation (see
Level of (smart) automation                Gaps in currently available security               SOLL                                    figure 1).
                                                  technology for the Smart Grid
               Current state of                                                             Smart Energy                              SEGRID will run until the end of 2017
                   security is insufficient                                           New         Grid                                and has already achieved very good
                                                                                   threats                                            results, such as:

                                                                                            5) Automatic reconfiguration              • SEGRID Risk Management
                                                                                                                                          Methodology – Risk management
                 Known                                             4) Load balancing regionally                                           ensures that effective security
                 threats                                   3) Dynamic power management                                                    controls are implemented in an
                                                   2) Load balancing centrally                                                            efficient and effective way, limiting
        IST                                  1) Smart Metering                                                                            the exposure to cyber incidents.
                                                                                                                                          SEGRID developed the SEGRID
    Current Energy                                                                                                                        Risk Management Methodology
           Grid                                                                                                                           (SRMM) that builds on state of the
                                                                                                                                          art risk assessment methodologies

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