Page 38 - European Energy Innovation - Summer 2017 publication
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38  Summer 2017 European Energy Innovation


                                                                                   energy legislation in the “Clean Energy
                                                                                   for All Europeans” package, covering
                                                                                   energy efficiency, renewable energy,
                                                                                   the electricity market, consumers and
                                                                                   governance rules for the Energy Union.
                                                                                   The package offers a great opportunity
                                                                                   to put in place this kind of new
                                                                                   solutions, such as private and public
                                                                                   one-stop shops and individual building
                                                                                   renovation passports. Understanding
                                                                                   the perspectives and experiences of
                                                                                   building users and the awareness-
                                                                                   raising coming from their larger
                                                                                   involvement are indeed key to creating
                                                                                   demand for deep renovations.

                                                                                   Creating a good setting for the
                                                                                   development of new innovative
                                                                                   solutions would therefore mean
                                                                                   speeding up the renovation process.

                                                                                   Our buildings are the biggest
                                                                                   infrastructure investment we have and
                                                                                   they are still one of the three biggest
                                                                                   CO2 polluters. It is critical to make
                                                                                   this infrastructure future-proof by
                                                                                   transforming the building stock and by
                                                                                   ensuring that new and old buildings
                                                                                   are energy efficient and smart. Current
                                                                                   innovative technologies and solutions
                                                                                   prove that speeding up renovation rate
                                                                                   is possible. This would mean benefits
                                                                                   for Europe’s innovation and technology
                                                                                   leadership, its economy and its citizens
                                                                                   who will gain healthier and better
                                                                                   places to live and work. l

Figures 3 and 4 – Solar tubes in the shopping centre “Modena Canaletto”, bringing  For more information on BPIE’s work
direct sunlight inside the shop. Source: CommONEnergy,                             visit
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