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Summer 2017 European Energy Innovation      37

                                             INNOVATION CHALLENGE

Ramping up deep energy                     services that allow not only reduced        (implemented in 4 demo cases) as well
renovation can boost the economy           energy consumption and renewable            as methods and tools to assess their
(competitiveness and jobs), improve        production, but also smart and flexible     environmental and social impact.
living conditions (better and smarter      consumption.
homes, increased indoor comfort                                                        Solutions to improve the harvesting of
and air quality) and mitigate climate      Examples of these technologies and          natural sources for shopping centres’
change. In other words, innovation in      systems are energy storage, smart           envelope were studied, while introducing
all aspects of the renovation process –    control systems, EV charging points         new functions for reducing the energy
products, services, business models        and demand-side flexibility, where the      demand of the whole building. For
and policy – offers great opportunities.   user can have a more proactive role.        example, greenery in building envelope
                                           When developing a new service or            and multifunctional smart coating
TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS AND                    product, it is indeed critical to consider  materials with reflectance properties,
PRODUCTS                                   the requirements of the projected           thermal behaviour and anti-moulding/
Innovation in technical solutions and      end-use, such as comfort level, work        antibacterial activity were studied and
construction products is one of the        performance, flexible use of space, or      integrated. To make the lighting system
critical elements to speed up the pace     entertainment possibilities.                more sustainable, innovative light domes
of deep energy renovation. Enabling                                                    using the passage of sunlight through
the transition towards a full interaction  Many innovative projects and solutions      solar tubes were also deployed.
of buildings with the energy system        to scale up deep energy renovations
means considering all the products and     are being deployed across Europe.           With its innovative approach,
                                           Two examples are the KfW case               CommONEnergy helped making big
                                           for PV home-storage solutions in            steps forward in the renovation of
                                           Germany and the EU-funded project           shopping centres, previously perceived
                                           CommONEnergy.                               as icons of a consumerist society.
                                                                                       The success of the newly-developed
                                           KFW PUSH FOR PV HOME-STORAGE                technologies is shown by analysis of the
                                           SOLUTIONS IN GERMANY                        renovation projects in three European
                                           The German government offers a              countries: Italy, Spain and Norway.
                                           30%-investment-grant on equipment
                                           purchased with low-interest loans           COLLABORATION AND POLICY
                                           provided by the German State-owned          MEASURES AS KEY TO SPUR
                                           development bank KfW. The scheme            INNOVATION
                                           has helped boost the residential            Despite good progress at small
                                           energy storage market from almost           scale, Europe is not entirely ready to
                                           zero installations two years ago to         take advantage of the benefits a full
                                           around 1,000 per month. By the end of       energy transition scaling up the rate
                                           2015, around 35,000 households and          of renovation could bring. To create a
                                           commercial operations in Germany had        fertile ground for the development of
                                           invested in a PV-battery system.            innovative solutions and technologies,
                                                                                       an enabling environment must be
                                           THE COMMONENERGY PROJECT                    ensured. This can be possible, for
                                           The EU-funded project                       example, through strong collaboration
                                           CommONEnergy is another best                between industry actors and local
                                           case to demonstrate the benefits            governments, this way speeding up the
                                           coming from the development of              development of innovative projects.
                                           innovative technologies. The project
                                           aim is to re-conceptualize shopping         Demand for renovations can also be
                                           centres through deep retrofitting. The      created by ensuring a set of innovative
                                           innovation lies in the development          policy and support measures. At the
                                           of a systemic approach made of 25           end of 2016, the European Commission
                                           new technologies and solution-sets          released important pieces of European
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