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28  Summer 2017 European Energy Innovation


Europe must show the way on

climate action

Clouds are gathering on the international climate agenda.

Kristian Ruby (pictured), Secretary General, EURELECTRIC

President Trump has decided               Last year, the sector encouraged EU       And of course in the transport sector,
             to pull out of the Paris     decision makers to accelerate CO2         where the shift from petrol to power
             agreement, but no matter     reductions through a comprehensive        gives a clear climate benefit already
             the decisions of the US,     reform of the EU ETS.                     today. 
Europe vows to keep fighting global
warming.”                                 And last month we sent a very clear       Based on the EU average electricity
                                          signal to the international markets:      mix, an electric car today only emits 50
NO NEW COAL PLANTS IN THE EU              From 2020, no new coal power plants       grams per kilometer - a fraction of what
AFTER 2020                                should be built in Europe.                petrol cars emit.
The European electricity sector strongly
supports an ambitious climate policy,     CO2 REDUCTIONS THROUGH                    POLITICAL DRIVE FOR CHARGING
both globally and in the EU.              ELECTRIFICATION                           INFRASTRUCTURE 
                                          The transformation of the electricity     In the Clean Energy Package, which
Through EURELECTRIC, which                sector must go hand in hand with          is currently being discussed in the
represents more than 3500 companies       electrification of other economic         European Parliament and the Council,
across Europe, the sector already         sectors. In industry as well as heating,  there are a number of handles to
committed in 2009 to a fully CO2-         electricity can help reduce CO2           ensure increased use of electricity in
neutral power supply by mid century.      emissions.                                other sectors. 

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