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Summer 2017 European Energy Innovation   25

                                                                 DIGITAL GRIDS

transactions with the right hard and          this industrial revolution? Are there
soft ICT can significantly enhance the        opportunities to develop tools in
flexibility of existing grid infrastructures  common? Can ENTSO-E, through this
and contribute to running a system            facilitation, accelerate the deployment
100% on renewables.                           of Digital Grids in Europe and thus
                                              contribute further to the fight against
By a combination of centralised and           climate change?
decentralised ICT on grid infrastructure,
in control rooms, at grid’s edge but          What is certain is that Europe has
also with cloud appstores, Digital            what it takes to make this digital
grids allow for real-time assessment          transformation. The skills and
of grid congestion, security and asset        industrial ecosystem are there. There
conditions, thereby optimising the            are examples of regulations and
flows without endangering security.           policies which support the digital
                                              energy system. The recent Clean
They bring unprecedented scalability          Energy Package in its active customer
and computing capability for the              dimension is a step in the positive
management of the end to end energy           direction.
system, from the control room to the
prosumer.                                     However, the deployment of
                                              innovation, new business models taking
WHAT ROLE THEN FOR ENTSO-E?                   advantage of the latest technologies,
ENTSO-E and its members are                   should be even more favoured in
engaged in this digital transformation.       Europe. I look forward to working in
One of our IT projects, the Common            ENTSO-E and with our stakeholders to
Grid Model will for example allow bi-         bring this Digital grid from promise to
directional data flows between national       practice. l
operators and regional service centres.
This is not real time information but           Contact details:
information to improve the planning
and forecasting of the grid operation.          ENTSO-E
And this new environment supported              Avenue de Cortenbergh 100,
by a tailor-made IT infrastructure, a           1000 Brussels
standardised & automated information            Email:
exchange is just a beginning.                   Twitter: @laurentschmitt
Can ENTSO-E serve as a centre of
excellence, a facilitator to accompany
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