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Summer 2017 European Energy Innovation                                                                                                            23


terms that they will take note of. This   A load profile segment example – The Home Lunchers in Ireland
segmentation therefore identifies how
we should communicate with each                8%
The three segmentation models                  6%
described above have been used to
build the NATCONSUMERS Natural                 5%
Language Generator. This generator
inputs smart-meter data and consumer           4%
attitude data, and outputs Natural
Language energy efficiency advice.              3%
This process relies upon a corpus of
messages – a collection of potential                                                           25% Yearlyshare
narratives, each of which can be
adapted based on the segmentation                                                                                                          20%
data derived in segmentation.                  2% 15%

But messages could be delivered in                                                                                                         10%
a host of different ways. Traditionally,                                                                                                     5%
energy feedback has been centred
on written information provided with           1%
the energy bill. More recently, new                                                                                                          0%
feedback delivery mechanisms have
been developed, for example web-               0%
tools or mobile apps. In the future, a                 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
much wider array of feedback delivery
mechanisms could become available.                                                               Hour of the day
When developing NATCONSUMERS              Daily Share

An engagement concept example –                                                                                                          JAN
Energyland                                                                                                                                   FEB

                                          advice therefore, an appropriate          vulnerable households and improving
                                          mechanism for delivering the messages     the relationship between consumers
                                          must also be developed or selected.       and utility companies. Through
                                          These potential mechanisms are            the use of our tailored mechanism,
                                          described as engagement concepts.         which allows energy advice to be
                                          Within the NATCONSUMERS project,          personalised for each individual user,
                                          we developed and explored a range         we believe a 5-10 percent reduction
                                          of potential engagement concepts          in energy consumption in the
                                          through a co-creation approach with       residential sector is achievable. The
                                          designers.                                NATCONSUMERS tool is, by its nature,
                                                                                    directed towards the end-consumers
                                          The engagement framework                  of energy. But it is also by design an
                                          is an important aspect of the             engagement tool, and as such has
                                          NATCONSUMERS advice system.               potential value also for many different
                                          It needs to be developed with a           market actors. ●
                                          consideration of the national context
                                          in which the tool is being applied,       This project has received funding from
                                          and with consideration of the type of     the European Union’s Horizon 2020
                                          message sender and also any specific       research and innovation programme
                                          features of the target group.             under grant agreement No 657672.

                                          IMPACTS                                   Contact detials:
                                          The primary function of the
                                          NATCONSUMERS tool is, to help             Email:
                                          people save energy. This, in turn, has    (Project coordinator)
                                          broader impacts in terms of reducing
                                          CO2 emissions, lowering consumers’        Web:
                                          energy bills, reducing energy poverty in
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