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Summer 2017 European Energy Innovation    29


For instance proposals to ensure the        speed up innovation. 
necessary charging infrastructure
for electric cars through minimum           EURELECTRIC advocates ambitious
requirements for buildings relating to      CO2 emission targets for cars, specific
precabling and number of charging           targets for zero emission vehicles as
points.                                     well as a service check of the emission
                                            test cycle, which currently does
These proposals currently face              not account properly for the actual
opposition in the Council of Ministers.     emissions of cars. 
Of course, they will require investments
on the short run. But they are absolutely   The debate on the transformation
crucial when it comes to preparing          of the transport sector will be on the
our cities for a future where electric      political agenda in Brussels in 2017,
cars are the rule, not the exception. So    where the Commission plans two major
it is important that we don’t drop the      transport initiatives. 
infrastructure investments on the basis
of short-term economic arguments.           EURELECTRIC will advocate an
                                            ambitious approach. In a time where
SIGNAL TO CAR MANUFACTURERS                 the European project is facing criticism
Infrastructure is key. But it will not do   on many fronts, new steps to boost
the trick alone. In addition to incentives  industrial innovation and climate action
to drive sales already today, there is a    would be a powerful way to prove the
need for clear signals to automakers to     value of our cooperation. l
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