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Summer 2017 European Energy Innovation       19

                                                     ESTONIA PRESIDENCY

When people talk about                       all running to the Transmission System       smart meters. The Third Energy Package
                     energy prices they      Operator (Elering), it has created a         provides that the implementation of
                     often like to say that  data hub that can be accessed by all:        smart metering may be subject to an
                     the cheapest energy     consumers, producers, grid operators         economic assessment of long-term
is saved energy. This is indeed very         but also anyone who wants to build           costs and benefits to the market and
true. Thus, in order to save on our          their new applications or services based     individual consumers. For electricity,
energy bills we have to find ways to          on that data. Data hub (Andmeladu)           Member States must proceed with
limit our energy consumption. And in         holds all agreements related to              smart metering roll-out to cover at least
relation to that we need to talk about       electricity transfer and consumption         80% of positively assessed cases on
empowered consumers. Consumers               and all measurement data.                    their territory by 2020; and prepare an
can be empowered only when they are                                                       implementation timetable for a period
informed and can make choices on the         Through the data hub electricity             of up to ten years. This has still not
basis of actual information about their      consumers can receive information on         been done.
consumption.                                 their electricity consumption points and
                                             their agreements, view past electricity      If there is no push from the Commission
When discussions around the new              consumption data and authorize one or        and the Member States don’t realise
clean energy package started, one            more electricity sellers to access their     the benefits that their consumers
of the great surprises for me was to         data, so they can make personalized          might enjoy by being more informed,
learn that in many European countries        offers. Although the data is in a very       we may risk the non-realisation of
consumers get their energy bill only         readable format, people can also ask         the Energy Union, as some regions
once a year. How can you make                service providers to make them offers        of Europe are better developed than
informed choices when you only               and choose between them. So we               others. Consumers in some parts
get information regarding your past          can really say that smart meters are         of Europe enjoy making informed
consumption once a year? On this             smart not only for the producers and         choices while others lag behind. In the
basis, one cannot decide if they made        professional market players but also         former, markets also develop better,
good or bad choices, e.g. if they could      for regular consumers who want to            as consumers can easily change their
have used some appliances during             bring their energy costs down. To those      supplier and so real competition is
non-peak hours.                              critics who say that such a data hub is      working between service providers. If
                                             difficult and costly to deliver I can give    the aim of the Clean Energy package is
This once-a-year arrangement is even         an interesting fact: the feasibility study   to make markets work, then informed
more strange if you think about all the      to do the data hub in Norway cost            consumers are the key to achieving
digital tools that are currently available   more than doing the whole data hub in        this goal.
to deliver the relevant data every day       Estonia. So it is not a matter of costs but
or even every hour. But data delivery        willingness.                                 Estonia will take on the Presidency in
can only be done if consumers have                                                        July, and people in Brussels have high
smart meters.                                Unfortunately, the European                  hopes for it - we are small, digital, and
                                             Commission has not been very                 efficient, they say. So let’s hope we will
Estonia is the only country in the world     ambitious in requiring the Member            also guide Europe towards being more
with 100% smart meters. As the data is       States the complete the roll-out of          energy efficient. ●
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