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To enable Mrs Fischer to create this                                It would be impossible for Mrs Fischer to
life-cycle assessment, she will need                                collect all of this data by herself.
detailed information about the
building, and every individual product.
And all of this needs to be examined
over the entire life-cycle: from the
extraction and production of raw
materials, through the construction
and use phases of the building, right
up to its dismantling, disposal
and recycling.

The solution are EPDs –the Environmental Product Declaration.       So, how does Mrs Fischer get the life-cycle assessment data
An EPD contains all relevant data from a product’s life cycle       of the products, in order to calculate a building LCA with which
assessment, assigned by the manufacturer to environmental           to evaluate Mrs Mueller‘s office building?
impact categories and verified by independent experts.
                                                                                             Here I‘ve got all the
                                                                                          information I need for a
                                                                                        sustainability certificate.

                                                                                               Thanks to EPDs!

Systematic Independent                                              Accessible
assessment verification                                             information

                                         E P DTHIRD-PARTY VERIFIED

                                         ISO 14025 and EN 15804

                                            See for yourself – start the film!
                                — info

                                                                                                                              Focusing on details.
                                                                                                                              Seeing the big picture.
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