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16  Summer 2017 European Energy Innovation


Airbus overlooking beyond
the future of sustainable flight

Eco-efficiency of aviation and of the industry.

Not just because we are eco-citizens, but because it makes sound business sense.

A longside with technological innovations that                     anticipation and preparation for mid-term evolutions of
                enable Airbus to propose quieter jetliners with    industrial systems as well as the longer term solutions to
                reduced fuel consumption, lower noise levels       build the Factories of the Future.
                and fewer emissions which also perform at the
highest level, reducing aviation’s environmental footprint is one  FRANCE, SAINT-NAZAIRE, A350 PAINT BOOTH
of the company primary challenges. Airbus pursues its road         OPTIMISATION
to air transport eco-efficiency, focusing on value and growth      Across the company’s industrial facilities, key reductions
generation whilst creating less impact on the environment.         have been achieved in energy and water consumption,
                                                                   waste production, VOC (Volatile organic compounds) and
Airbus is engaged in an Industrial transformation to ensure        CO2 emissions. The priorities are to secure energy supply,

Project leader inspects the heat pumps providing ultra-low CO2 heat to the A350 paint booth in Saint-Nazaire

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