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Summer 2016 European Energy Innovation   67

                                                 GEOTHERMAL ENERGY

30 % of gross electricity generation.     The Renewable Energies Heat Act          Ground source heat pumps (GSHP)
The heating and transport sector          (Erneuerbare-Energien-Wärme-Gesetz,      are an established technology that
were hardly mentioned in the political    EEWärmeG) makes using renewable          can be used for heating and cooling
discussion for a long time. As a result,  energies in new buildings mandatory.     in a wide range of applications, from
the share of renewable heat has been      The Energy Saving Ordinance              small houses to large individual
stagnating around 12 % for several        (Energieeinsparverordnung, EnEV) limits  buildings or complexes. Cold
years. Today the necessity of a so        the allowed primary energy demand of     district heating networks are used
called heat transition (Wärmewende)       new buildings. The Market Incentive      to supply geothermal energy on
is widely accepted. To promote the        Programme (Marktanreizprogramm,          a low temperature level which is
heat transition different measures were   MAP) offers attractive government        increased to a higher temperature
taken:                                    grants for renewable heating systems.    level by decentralised heat pumps.

                                                                                       Drilling hammer for Down-The-Hole
                                                                                      (DTH) drilling. The drill string rotates
                                                                                   while the drilling hammer continuously

                                                                                                    strikes down into the rock.
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