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66  Summer 2016 European Energy Innovation


Heat Transition and Geothermal

Energy – A German Perspective

By Dr Martin Sabel, Bundesverband Wärmepumpe (BWP) e.V.

I n December 2015, the world               transition (Energiewende) targets are          Fossil fuels can play no more role in any
      nations reached the historic         ambitious. Beside the decision to phase        energy sector.
      agreement that global warming        out nuclear power there is a political
      should be limited to 2°C, even less  consensus to reduce greenhouse                 The discussion of the challenges
 if possible. G7 countries had already     gases by 80-95 % until 2050 compared           and chances of the German energy
 set out on the path to a carbon-free      to 1990. These goals are in accordance         transition has been dominated by
 economy several months before.            with the EU strategy for the transition to     questions around the expansion of
 Consequent action has to be taken         a competitive, secure and sustainable          renewable electricity and the electricity
 in order to fulfil these commitments.      energy system by 2050. The conclusion          grid during the past years. In 2015,
 Germany´s climate and energy              of all this is as simple as it is inevitable:  renewable energy covered more than

A drill site showing the rig, the
container for cuttings and a
compressor in the background.

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