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62  Summer 2016 European Energy Innovation


Understanding the true costs of the
heat energy we consume

By Alexandra Latham, EGEC

Whether private citizens,                    deliver heating and cooling at a steady    efficiency rating scheme because of the
                     public authorities, or  rate, with stable costs, local resources,  high ratio of the heat delivered to the
                     industry, heating and   and without the need to inefficiently       total electrical energy supplied over the
                     cooling represents      convert energy into electricity first.      year, known as Seasonal Performance
a significant part of final energy             The technology to turn geothermal,         Factor (SPF); the ratio is today above 4
consumption of every sector of society.      solar, and biomass sources has             and is heading towards 5.
Whilst the demand profile of each             developed rapidly in recent years and
is different, all have the same basic        can deliver energy for a huge range of     In innovative smart grids, geothermal
demands: to be able to have a steady,        applications.                              resources can be used for base load
secure, and sustainable supply of                                                       district heating and district cooling,
thermal energy.                              For example, ground source heat            whilst CHP plants can adapt the share
                                             pumps (GSHP) were recently                 of heat or power produced depending
This is undoubtedly possible.                recognised as one of the most efficient     on demand. Shallow geothermal can
Renewable energy sources can already         heating devices in the new EU energy       also be used, with thermal energy

Manifold of the gshp heating and cooling system in the ümraniye shopping centre, Turkey.

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