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                                                 GEOTHERMAL ENERGY

energy and greenhouse gases when          Qualified personal using appropriate technical equipement and
buying a GSHP, but no money. This is      material is needed to install a borehole heat exchanger properly.
not the outcome of market forces but
of a failed tax and energy policy: Taxes
and levies make up a mere quarter
of gas and oil prices, but almost 60%
of electricity prices! Especially the so
called EEG-Umlage (Renwable Energy
Act Surcharge) of 6,3 Cent/kWh is a
nuisance, for it finances the expansion
of renewable electricity but interferes
the expansion of renewable heat
provided by efficient heat pumps. Even
positive impulses such as the MAP
cannot compensate for this market

There is no doubt that all efforts
regarding climate protection will fail
if low-carbon technologies are not an
economic choice for consumers. Giving
a significant price to carbon emissions
would be a powerful and effective
measure to push markets into the right
direction: Investments in efficiency
and renewable energy would pay off.
Complex funding schemes would
be unnecessary. Legal obligations
for all market participants could be
reduced to a minimum. Consumers and
companies could pick technological
solutions best suited to their very own
needs. Public revenues would increase.

Governments should not claim to be
helpless but take powerful action. If
the declared goals of COP 21 are to be
achieved an appropriate and effective
carbon pricing should be introduced as
early as possible. ●


  Martin Sabel
  Bundesverband Wärmepumpe e.V.
  (German Heat Pump Association)
  Französische Straße 47
  10117 Berlin
  Tel: +49 (0)30 208 799 722
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