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68  Summer 2016 European Energy Innovation


Large GSHP can provide energy for           systems. In addition, there are no laws      numbers for GSHP have been dropping
conventional district heating networks.     that require building owners to lower        for some time now: from 34,500 in
New buildings equipped with GSHP            their energy demand or use renewables.       2008 to 17,000 in 2015. Today, they
easily fulfil EEWärmeG and EnEV             To compensate for this lack of legal         only make up a mere third of the
requirements. The MAP offers grants         obligations, the MAP offers up to 9,300      German heat pump market and their
of at least 4,500 Euro for buyers of        EUR if a highly efficient GSHP replaces      share of the 710,000 heating systems
efficient GSHP if a new borehole heat       an old fossil boiler.                        sold in 2015 is negligible.
exchanger is installed.
                                            There are 330,000 GSHP in Germany.           The main reason why the heat pump
The challenges to use renewable             That may seem a lot, yet it is only a        market is stagnating are energy prices:
energy in the existing stock of more        fraction of all heating systems in our       Heating oil prices have dropped to
than 20 million existing buildings are far  20 million buildings. Studies suggest,       5,8 Cent/kWh, gas prices remain
greater. Existing buildings usually have a  30% of Germany’s buildings must be           stable at 7,1 Cent/kWh, yet electricity
relatively high energy demand and they      equipped with GSHP in 2050 if climate        prices have risen to 21,5 Cent/kWh.
are dominated by gas-fired and oil-fired    goals are to be met. Unfortunately, sale     As a result, many people would save

                                                     Ground source heat pumps
                                            combined with borehole heat exchangers
                                            can be used for heating in wintertime (left

                                             part) and for efficient passive cooling in
                                                        summertime (right part)

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