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36  Summer 2016 European Energy Innovation


understood to combine a variety        organisation, system, or project.       difference the project has made by
of sectors rather than focusing on a   Furthermore, the partners use key       comparing the situation prior to and
single one; and the term ‘performance  performance indicator metrics to        after its implementation. KPIs can also
measurement’ is used to refer to       evaluate factors that are deemed        be used to benchmark projects against
the process of collecting, analysing   crucial to the success of the project.  each other.
and/or reporting information on the    These serve to assess or evaluate
performance of an individual, group,   individual projects and indicate the    To clear the ground for CITYkeys,
                                                                               participants were also asked to draw
                                                                               up an inventory of their existing KPIs
                                                                               and classify them into one of the triple
                                                                               bottom line themes of: ‘people’ (social
                                                                               sustainability), ‘planet’ (environmental
                                                                               sustainability) or ‘prosperity’ (economic
                                                                               sustainability) – also known as the ‘3 Ps’.

                                                                               Subthemes describing major policy
                                                                               ambitions have also been identified.
                                                                               These were needed because the
                                                                               success – or not – of a project also
                                                                               hinges on how it is realised in various
                                                                               environments. Accordingly, the themes
                                                                               of ‘governance’ and ‘propagation’
                                                                               (potential for up-scaling and adoption
                                                                               in other contexts) have been added to
                                                                               the 3 Ps.

                                                                               At a series of workshops, project
                                                                               participants, accompanied by a group
                                                                               of researchers, identified a final set
                                                                               of KPIs based on criteria such as
                                                                               relevance, availability, measurability,
                                                                               and reliability. In total, 92 project
                                                                               indicators and 73 city indicators have
                                                                               been selected (,
                                                                               based on an inventory of 43 existing
                                                                               indicator frameworks for cities and
                                                                               projects (

                                                                               Project indicators are meant for
                                                                               assessing the success and replication
                                                                               potential of smart city projects.
                                                                               These are usually taken from project
                                                                               documentation or gathered through
                                                                               interviews with people involved in
                                                                               the project. On the other hand, city
                                                                               indicators can normally be retrieved
                                                                               from statistics compiled by municipal
                                                                               administrations or European statistical
                                                                               bureaus. The list of all indicators is
                                                                               regularly reviewed and updated to
                                                                               reflect their applicability and usability.

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