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Summer 2016 European Energy Innovation                                33


Launch of the BAMB Stakeholder
Network, Brussels, May 3rd 2016

On May 3rd, Brussels
                  Environment, had the
                  pleasure of hosting the
                  official Launch of the
BAMB Stakeholder Network on behalf
of the BAMB Project Consortium. The
event was open to all actors in the
building and construction industry,
interested in exchanging ideas
and knowledge and discussing the
information and data needs necessary
to enhance the European knowledge
base. The official launch of the network
introduced the project agenda and
provided actors with the opportunity
to get involved by joining the BAMB
Stakeholder Network.

Extract of the speech by Brussels
Environment, lead partner of the project:

We now know that resources and              economy, short circuits and closing
materials are limited and that the          the loop … These are some of the key
global linear economic model (extract-      words and concepts of this new circular
produce-consume-throw away) cannot          economy.
continue. We need a new model for
the way in which cities obtain, transform
and use their resources (water, energy,
materials, food, soil, air, etc.).

It is essential that we manage resources    In this context, the European BAMB         MORE INFORMATION
effectively in urban environments,          (“Buildings as Material Banks”)
particularly as almost half of the world’s  project is a practical initiative that is
population lives in cities and this figure  attempting to support the transition
is due to rise to over 66% by 2050.         towards a circular economy in the built
The linear economic model must now                                                     Contact:
move towards a circular model in            In such an innovative field as circular
which waste no longer exists but rather     construction and economy, exchange of
becomes raw materials and natural           information and networking are paramount
resources in accordance with the            to help ideas take form. Through the
virtuous circle principle.                  BAMB Stakeholder Network, the BAMB
                                            Consortium aims to involve relevant
Reuse, repair, recycling, eco-design,       stakeholders in the implementation and
resilience, a collaborative and sharing     the results of the project. l
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