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Summer 2016 European Energy Innovation     35

                                                              SMART CITIES

expectations in the second survey.        Respondents agreed that a city can be
                                          considered ‘smart’ if it relies heavily
The surveys (       on technology; has a comprehensive
revealed that while 75% of respondent     approach to energy use and efficiency,
cities consider the ‘smart city’ concept  mobility and infrastructure; gives
highly relevant to their needs, only      priority to measures to improve
half actually measure their smart city    performance and efficiency; strives
performance one way or another. At        to encourage citizen participation;
city level, most municipal authorities    enables and fosters innovation;
said they intend to measure their own     and works to improve its social and
performance in the areas of energy        economic fabric.
efficiency; greenhouse gas emissions;
transport; digital infrastructure and     For a city to actually become ‘smart’,
services; resource management; and        the first inevitable step is to draw up
citizen participation. At project level,  an integrated smart city strategy or
they also identified environment and      action plan. One third of the cities in
quality of life as relevant categories.   the survey said they already had such a
For the citizens and stakeholders         strategy or plan in place, while another
surveyed, however, the top five           third were in the process of drafting it.
areas where performance should be
measured were: creation of innovation     DEFINITIONS
and knowledge; public transportation;     As in any multi-partner collaborative
protection of the environment;            project, a lot depends on how key
education and skills building; and clean  terms and concepts are defined.
energy.                                   In CITYkeys, a ‘smart city project’ is
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