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38  Summer 2016 European Energy Innovation


You cannot optimise
what you do not measure

High energy efficiency is dependent on transparency in the distribution network as well as in
consumer behaviour and in the energy performance of buildings. This makes frequent and
accurate metering data part of the solution for managing and optimising energy production in
an integrated and truly smart energy system.

In the future, energy consumption must adapt to
the fluctuating production based on renewables,
and this will require fully integrated energy systems
that can bring it into balance. As renewable energy
resources are more expensive to produce than
traditional energy production, it is increasingly
important to ensure that they are exploited as
efficiently as possible. This calls for focus not only on
improving energy efficiency, but also on reducing
our collective energy demand.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY REQUIRES TRANSPARENCY                   In this way, the knowledge derived from meter data
High energy efficiency necessitates running               gives the necessary flexibility to constantly balance
production as close to the limit as possible. This        the total energy system and ensure that energy is
makes it even more crucial for utilities to continuously  always produced optimally based on the present
manage and optimise their production decisions            conditions.
and distribution network. It also demands increased
involvement of the consumers and putting into             “Meter data becomes really           Steen Schelle, Head of Product
play the energy performance of buildings. All             valuable when utilities use them as  Management, Kamstrup
three conditions necessitate transparency – in the        the basis for making decisions that
distribution network as well as in consumer behaviour     optimise their business and day-
and in building characteristics – and the basis for that  to-day operations. Our intelligent
transparency is frequent and accurate meter readings.     metering solutions deliver the
                                                          necessary data and makes it easy
METER DATA PROVIDES KNOWLEDGE                             for utilities to translate it into
The use of data offers a range of opportunities.          knowledge that supports increased
Hourly values on flow, temperature, pressure and          efficiency in the integrated energy
consumption not only enable utilities to detect           system,” says Steen Schelle,
and reduce waste in the distribution system. It           Head of Product Management,
allows them to identify and help consumers with           Kamstrup. l
inappropriate energy consumption. Furthermore,
giving consumers instant access to information on         INSPIRED BY BETTER
their household consumption encourages proactivity        A world-leading supplier of intelligent energy and water metering
and energy conscious behaviour.                           solutions, Kamstrup provides utilities and energy companies with
                                                          tools that enable them to make more certain, smarter business
Increased amounts of data also opens up to the            decisions and inspire the communities they serve.
possibility of introducing alternative tariff models
that are, for instance, based on flexibility rather       Learn more at
than consumption, or on hourly variations of prices
resulting from the balance in the total energy
system. And precise data – as opposed to theoretical
models – on how a building performs under different
conditions, allows utilities to directly target the
buildings that pose the biggest challenge in the
network. This helps establish the needed correlation
between buildings and the production part of the
integrated energy system.

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