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Summer 2016 European Energy Innovation     23


    engine demonstrator (October              the demonstrated technologies into         Aeronautics within a Clean Sky project –
    2014) – ALPS introduces a composite       products is now pending. In addition,      the ceremony will take place during the
    fan structure in large 3-shaft engines,   more than 600 participants have now        Clean Sky conference at ILA Berlin Air
    used on long-range aircraft.              come through the doors of the ‘closed’     Show on 1st of June 2016.
                                              club - including more than 250 SMEs,
• The regional turboprop flight test          one third of which have fewer than ten     …In seven years from now, we or
    (July 2015) – here an entire panel        employees.                                 our successors will be preparing the
    of the aluminium upper fuselage is                                                   final assessment of Clean Sky 2. My
    replaced by an innovative composite       Meanwhile, Clean Sky 2 was started,        personal forecast is as follows: no
    multi-layer panel containing optical      with more than twice the budget            doubt Clean Sky 3 will already be on
    fibres and electrical sensors/            of Clean Sky 1. Building on its            track, because three is also a magic
    actuators for in-flight measurements.     predecessor’s success, Clean Sky           number in fairy tales. A seamless,
                                              2 aims to achieve a higher level of        inclusive programme across the entire
• Bluecopter (July 2015) – this features      technology integration at aircraft         technology readiness levels (TRL) scale
    matured technologies with the             level and to raise the maturity level      will have been agreed, establishing
    objective of reducing the drag of         of systems incorporating these new         the Clean Sky Joint Undertaking as the
    an Airbus Helicopters’ H135 by            technologies. The programme has            ‘common house’ of EU research for
    optimising the design of parts of the     gathered an impressive momentum            aircraft technology. The programme
    shape.                                    in its first ‘extended year’ of operation  will be requested to manage the living
                                              (from July 2014 to the end of 2015).       priorities of the programme, bringing
• Multi Criteria Departure Procedure          There have already been two Calls          flexibility and openness. An adapted
    (July 2015) – trajectory optimisation     for Core Partners and three Calls for      governance will allow upstream
    allows the Flight Management              Proposals, resulting in more than          research to be guaranteed a continued
    System to compute an optimised            200 new members and partners,              funding flow. In seven years’ time,
    set of parameters during the              including many newcomers, joining the      the synergies with Structural Funds
    initial climb phase just after take-      community.                                 will be well-established and reaping
    off, targeting a reduction of CO2                                                    local, regional rewards, and an eco-
    emission, a reduction in perceived        Clean Sky is developing beyond             system of aeronautical research will be
    noise, or a combination of both.          Clean Sky. This means that besides the     firmly rooted in the regional breeding
                                              management of Clean Sky 1 and 2, the       grounds. At the other end of the
• COPPER Bird (July 2015) – this              Programme is widening its scope for        spectrum, international cooperation
    demonstrates the feasibility of more      the benefit of these very programmes,      with countries like Canada and Russia
    electrical architectures for innovative   in particular by building synergies        will have concretised in selected
    test equipment and systems for            with the EU Structural and Investment      relevant fields.
    regional aircraft, helicopters and        Funds managed by National Authorities
    business jets. Upcoming tests are         and Regions. Ten Memoranda of              A renewed technical ambition will
    expected to show benefits in terms        Understanding have been signed in          confirm European aeronautics as the
    of emissions’ reduction.                  one year with ten states or regions, and   most innovative in the world – the only
                                              some have already started to bear fruit.   way to keep its leading position in
• The Open Rotor (September 2015)                                                        the global competition. New, game-
    – this new propulsion concept is          Clean Sky beyond Clean Sky also            changing architectures will be flown.
    expected to enable reductions of          means taking advantage of the focus        No doubt, the European Union bodies
    over 30 to 35% in fuel burn and CO2       on Demonstrators, which is giving an       and the industry, hand in hand, will
    emissions per passenger-km. This          unequalled momentum to research,           allow the necessary resources to be
    is the most ambitious step towards        to encourage lower-TRL, bottom-up          continuously invested in this rewarding
    CO2 reduction to date.                    initiatives including the involvement      industrial sector. l
                                              of PhD students in projects, and also
Clean Sky’s environmental objectives          to create more bridges between SMEs          CONTACT DETAILS
are now confirmed by the Technology           and academia. An example of us
Evaluator as virtually achieved: ‘virtually’  moving forward on this is our Award          More on Clean Sky can be found on
because the concrete inclusion of             for the Best PhD thesis in the field of
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