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Spring 2017 European Energy Innovation    47


Interview with Bendt Bendtsen,
Danish MEP of the Group of the
European People’s Party

Mr. Bendt Bendtsen, Danish
                    MEP of the Group of
                    the European People’s
                    Party is considered a
 thought leader for Decarb Heat 2017,
 a forum taking place in Brussels on
 11-12 May 2017 . Below his views on
 the decarbonisation of the heating
 and cooling sector in Europe which
 are fully in line with the mandate of the

Q What is your vision for
       decarbonising heating and
cooling in Europe by 2050?
Decarbonisation of heating and cooling
is a clear necessity to achieve a Europe
less dependent on imports and more

The decarbonisation efforts must be         by example. In my capacity of MEP, I      support for these efforts - from the
cost-effective and should activate          am rapporteur of the revision of the      heads of state and government to the
all available tools and technologies        Directive for energy performance of       European industries and consumers.
- renovation of the existing building       buildings, EPBD. It is my responsibility  Currently, low coal prices and a
stock, minimising the consumption           and aim that we can achieve a broad       fragmented legal framework challenge
of fossil fuels, further integration of     compromise behind an ambitious            us, makes it cheap to pollute, and lacks
renewables in the energy mix and            EPBD, where we stimulate both public      sufficient incentives to decarbonise.
motivation of consumers play an active      and private financing into energy         Once the framework is set, I truly
role. Clearly, the heating and cooling      renovations so we can make the            believe we will see that the ones who
sector is essential in this respect to      European building stock much more         achieve decarbonisation first, are
achieve the European targets for            efficient - to the benefit of consumer,   the global winners. Not just in terms
decarbonisation. We spend too high          competitiveness and growth in Europe.     of sustainability, but also in terms of
a degree of fossil fuels in this sector,                                              competitiveness and independence. l
which is particularly unfortunate when      Q Who do you think is the strongest
we import half of it and thereby make              ally in making your vision of a      For more information please visit
Europe dependent on Russia and the          decarbonised Europe a reality?    
Middle East.                                I think we have a broad and strong

Q What is your contribution to this
       vision as Member of the
European Parliament, but also as
As an individual, I integrated several
renewable sources in my own
household - geothermal, heat pump
and solar thermal. I believe in leading
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