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Spring 2017 European Energy Innovation                                                           19

                                                         GREEN SHIPPING

promoting more sustainable shipping.       to establish a decentralized energy        hydrogen by using up to 470 million
However, in my opinion both aims           grid, which would increase efficiency,     Euro of EU funds and including money
are not mutually exclusive, providing      safety on board and save materials         of the private sector in the context of
possibilities for innovation and new       constructing a ship.                       public-private partnerships (European
investment opportunities: Among                                                       Parliament, 2015). In the end, market
them alternative fuelling systems,         However, using methanol and                dynamics will determine if these
improving efficiency in designing          liquefied hydrogen require changes         energy sources can succeed. It is our
ships or further development of            for engine systems, which is costly.       obligation as politicians to set the right
propulsion systems – just to name a        Moreover, it raises issues related         legal framework, which can unlock
few. For this article, I want to focus on  to safety and spatial adaptation to        investment, facilitate research and
hybrid engines and the option of using     use both fuels. Both substances are        ensure a safe implementation. If
biofuels like methanol or ethanol as       highly flammable and the flash point       these steps are done the right way,
relevant case studies.                     of methanol is only 12°C making it a       I believe it will be valuable for the
                                           dangerous substance. Furthermore,          future of shipping and the maritime
Hydrogen – an energy carrier and           the production and processing of           economy. l
source for fuelling – has significant      liquefied hydrogen is rather inefficient.
benefits. The EU agreed to promote         Compared to diesel, which has an             Gesine Meissner (MEP/ALDE)
hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen           efficiency of 52%, liquefied hydrogen’s      comes from the German state of
technologies until 2024 (European          efficiency is only 29% (International        Lower Saxony. She is the FDP's
Parliament, 2015). Firstly, hydrogen can   Energy Agency, 2015). However,               delegate for Germany's Northern
be produced and refilled during the        hydrogen fuel cells have an efficiency       and North-eastern regions in the
shipping itself by using solar or wind     of 52.3%, making this hydrogen               European Parliament. She is the
power. Consequentially, the usage          technology even more efficient than          liberal group's vice-coordinator
of hydrogen could not only reduce          the diesel used right now.                   in the EP's Transport Committee
carbon dioxide emissions, but present                                                   and substitute member in
a solution against the dependence on       At this point in time, hydrogen is still     the Environment and Industry
limited sources of energy. Secondly,       a novel maritime fuel and fuelling           Committees. Moreover, she
methanol as a maritime fuel has the        source for most sectors. In 2010, the        is president of the European
big advantage to only produce water        first passenger ship completely fuelled      Parliament's Intergroup on Seas,
and carbon dioxide when burned.            by hydrogen went into operation.             Rivers, Islands & Coastal Areas
Furthermore, by not discharging any        In terms of container shipping the           ( as well as vice-
sulphuric oxides and oil methanol          technology is not in use yet. It will        chair of Germany's Liberal Women.
has less impact on the maritime            take time to develop the necessary           Maritime and transport issues are
environment. Thirdly, to run a container   infrastructure and technology to use         close to her political heart because
ship a vast amount of electricity is       it on a large scale. Nevertheless, the       of the sectors' immense importance
needed for lights, computers, and          groundwork for using hydrogen and            for the future.
sensors. Usually the engine is the sole    its potential has to be worked on
energy source for lights and the ship’s    now. That is why I support the EU’s
instruments. Hydrogen could be used        decision to improve the research on

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