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16  Spring 2017 European Energy Innovation


FCHJU Stakeholder Forum 2016, MOU signature ceremony.
Front row: FCHJU Executive Director Bart Biebuck & COR President Markku Markkula

Similarly the H2FUTURE project            programmes for green technologies
will build and demonstrate a 6MW          including programmes for fuel cells and
electrolysis power plant in Austria that  hydrogen. With the FCH JU, Europe is
will be prequalified to provide grid-     already ahead of the game.
balancing services. The demonstration
will access low-cost power to generate    The PPP is also reaching out to European
hydrogen economically for use in          regions and cities, which are increasingly
steel-making processes, and also          acknowledging the unique potential of
attract additional revenues from grid     this innovative technology. Participants
balancing services. The project should    are working together to reinforce
lead to rapid deployment of this          synergies and collaborations to facilitate
technology in the steel, fertilizer and   and accelerate market introduction.
other process industries requiring ‘low-
carbon’ hydrogen streams.                 To find out more about the activities of
                                          the FCH JU please visit our website at
GLOBAL AND LOCAL                
Fuel cells and the hydrogen economy
are gaining greater recognition in        During 2017, amongst many other
the frame of the global discussion on     events, FCH JU will organise, together
Climate Change policy, in particular      with its transport projects, a major
at the recent COP22 meeting in            conference on Transport and Fuel Cells
Marrakech. With the ratification of       in September; and its 10th annual
the Paris Agreement governments all       Stakeholder Forum will take place in
over the world are setting up research    November. ●

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