Page 14 - European Energy Innovation - Spring 2017 publication
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14  Spring 2017 European Energy Innovation


FCH JU: accelerating towards a

low-carbon economy

Climate and energy policy is one   EU is working to establish a       FUEL CELL TECHNOLOGY
of the European Union’s most       fully integrated internal energy   Fuel cells are such a low-carbon and
important priorities. Affordable,  market, improve energy efficiency,  clean energy technology. A fuel cell is a
clean and secure energy for all    decarbonise the economy, and       highly efficient conversion technology
Europe’s citizens and enterprises  fund research, innovation and      that produces electricity and heat
is key to a sustainable and        competitiveness to support         through a simple, clean chemical
competitive future. Through        breakthroughs in low-carbon and    reaction between oxygen and a fuel.
its Energy Union initiative, the   clean energy technologies.         It produces no pollutants or carbon

Photo: HyFive project, © BMW

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