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                                            ECO PLATFORM

                                            EN 15804 VERIFIED                       PLATFORM

approach. The format to provide             The European Commission intends to       Christian Donath
product-specific life cycle data is called  support customers in their purchasing
an environmental product declaration        decisions with simple environmental     to find quick suitable solutions for
(EPD).                                      information on products. The idea of    construction products. On the basis of
                                            a “Product Environmental Footprint”     the existing EPD principle, it is possible
THE ECO EPD – A TRULY EUROPEAN              (PEF) is currently being tested. While  to find appropriate solutions for the
SOLUTION                                    a simple solution based on a product-   comprehensive PEF approach.
The established building rating             to-product comparison is useful for
schemes reward the provision of EPD.        many consumer products, it can be       Get more information on the ECO
Due to the lack of a common European        misleading for construction products,   EPD and the Platform’s activities on
EPD solution, various rating schemes        as described above.                     the “ECO EPD Day” in Brussels on 6
initially concentrated on national                                                  October 2016. Please find detailed
solutions. The provision of various EPD     While modular product-specific data     information in the ECO Platform PEF
to be recognized in all rating schemes      are needed for the assessment of the    Position paper and register for the
in Europe and abroad resulted in an         sustainable building performance        event on the ECO Platform homepage
unacceptably large effort on behalf of      (B2B), it is necessary to have l
the product manufacturers.                  simplified information for consumers
                                            (B2C). EPD are the solution for B2B       AUTHOR
The ECO Platform was conceived to           communication. PEF may introduce          Christian Donath
solve this problem. All established         some benchmarks that are able to          ECO Platform AISBL
EPD programme operators in Europe           provide simpler solutions for B2C         Managing Director
formed an alliance with the objective       communication. However, both EPD
of developing a common European             and PEF should be based on the same
solution: the ECO EPD – recognized by       data from the industry to avoid double
all programmes throughout Europe.           efforts for the manufacturers and
                                            confusion in the market.
The European ECO EPD has existed
since 2014 and is starting to replace the   THE PLATFORM ECO
former national solutions.                  The members of ECO Platform from
                                            all relevant stakeholder groups offer
PUBLIC EUROPEAN INITIATIVES                 their experience and know-how

•	 LCA-based product information for the entire life cycle with a core set of


•	 based on international and European standards: the ISO 14040 series, ISO
   14025 and EN 15804 for construction products

•	 independently verified

•	 a comprehensive data basis for the assessment of the environmental
   performance of buildings

•	 an accepted industry standard for construction products in Europe

EPD provide product specific information about the environmental impact
during all stages of the life cycle. There is no benchmark or pre-assessment on
product level. The interpretation happens on the functional unit – the building
level. EPD provide the data for life cycle assessments on the building level.
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