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Spring 2016 European Energy Innovation   17

                                                        GREEN SHIPPING

How a market-driven approach can
instigate change towards green shipping

By Gesine Meissner, MEP (pictured)

The Climate Conference                    the complex nature of the global         programme concluded that CO2-
            in Paris was praised as an    economy, this can only be achieved       emissions from maritime transport
            important step in tackling    by developing a sector-by-sector         related to the EU increased by 48 per
            global warming - rightly      approach. Domains of the economy -       cent between 1990 and 2008.² To
so. The international community           such as transport - need to be looked    break it down even further: In terms of
has clearly voiced its determination      at individually. Only then can progress  sulphur dioxide the emissions of one
to reduce emissions with collective       be measured and efficient strategies     cruise- and container ships equate to
efforts. The final agreement can,         be developed.                            those of several million cars.³
however, only serve as a starting
point. The real challenge starts from     According to Eurostat, transport         Another example: The transport of
here. And: I think it was a mistake that  contributed almost one quarter of        German manufactured cars to the US
shipping was left aside and needs to      the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions        produces five times more nitrogen
be taken into account.                    in 2013 - being the second largest       oxide than the cars would during their
                                          greenhouse gas emitter behind            use. Taking into account the significant
Industries need to be restructured        the energy sector.¹ The European         increase in global trade, the current
on an unprecedented scale. Given          Commission’s Climate Action              number of about 4.000 container-ships
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